Clarity Human Services Feature Updates

Clarity Human Services: June 2021 Feature Updates


Release Schedule: 

  • All Training Sites: Monday, May 17th, 2021
  • All Production Sites: Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

New - Audit Log: Program Set Up Screen 

Overview: A Programs Audit Log will now capture any new changes made to Program Resource pages.


  • Assigned services will only capture deleted records from the program.
  •  Access to the audit log functionality is reserved for the system administrator access role.
  • Toggling off the program function fields will not remove the previously collected audit log information.

Required Action: None

New - Clarity User Audit Log Updates

The Staff Audit Log will now capture a user’s agency when they log into Clarity Human Services as well as when a user switches between agencies. Please see examples below: 

From Values

To Values

Changed By


Previous Agency: Training A 

Current Agency: Training B 

Nate Tester

5/04/2021 10:29:16

Agency at Login: Training A 


Nate Tester

4/27/2021 08:09:52

Note: Additional Agency Access is required for users to switch agencies.

Required Action: None

Update - Add Assessment Update Restriction

Overview: This update is a data quality update. Users won’t be allowed to enter more than one of each for the same date: Status Assessments, Annual Assessments, or Follow Up Assessments. If a user attempts to add an assessment more than once, the user will receive a warning. (figure 3.) These warnings will appear for all program types and funding sources. 


  • The warnings only apply to assessments collected under the same enrollment.
  • With this change, the Current Living Situation assessment logic isn’t changing. 

For more information about these changes please visit: 

Required Action: None

New - Create Informational Agency

Overview: With this update, we’ve added an Agency Type button on the Agency Overview page.


Agency Type = Common: The standard default for all agencies in Clarity Human Services before the update, no new functionality has been added to the Common agency type.
Agency Type = Informational: The addition of the Informational agency type gives users the ability to add an agency that may have a different purpose than the Common counterpart. 

For more information about these changes please visit:

Optional Action: Update any agencies without staff to Informational.

Required Action: None

New - Able to Access Screens Using URL

Overview: This update has to do with access, page access, and redirects. This change will update our logic and fall in line with expected behavior on redirects when using direct links. Some users saw unexpected behavior when Additional Agency Access was used. If you have questions about the changes, please feel free to reach out.

Note: These changes are only applicable to the System Administrator and Agency Manager Access Roles.

Required Action: None

New - Email Resend Delay 

Overview: With this update, users will receive a warning if a user requests more than one Password Reset on the Clarity Human Services Login page or during an email Two Factor Authentication (2FA) > Resend Code request within a 5-minute window.

For more information about these changes please visit:

Required Action: None

New - System Administrator Access Role Changes 

Overview: This new update gives administrators more control during the creation of Admin Access Role Types. Previously hidden/inherited the following are now available as Access Right toggles: 

  • Setup
  • Merge
  • *Agencies 
  • *Staff 
  • *Sharing
  • Audit Log


  • By default, these new Access Rights toggles = off 
  • *Manage Agency within Access Rights, must be turned on to access these toggles.

Considerations: Please keep in mind that changes within the Admin Role Type may incur additional fees within Subscription Details. Eg. Data Analysis = On

For more information about these changes please visit:

Required Action:  Administrator Reports in the Report Library will remain associated with the System Administrator access role (id=1). To grant access to users where Role Type = Admin, a system administrator must add their User Role type(s) to the Authorized Access Roles section.

Update - Updated Assessment Logic 

Overview: This update adds logic when Multiple Community Queues = Toggled Off and Allow Referral to Community Queue = Toggled On. Before the update, users experienced unexpected behavior post-assessment of the Refer Directly to the Community Queue button.

Required Action: Double-check any Assessments connected to the Community Queue, where the following is true for your system: 

  • Multiple Community Queues = Toggled Off
  • Allow Referral to Community Queue = Toggled On

Please add any Assessments not mapped as part of this update.

Update - Updated Release of Information Logic 

Overview: This update adds additional logic to the ROI functionality, specifically Mark all ROI as expired.

Current Logic: If a Release of Information (ROI) is dated today, and Mark all ROI as expired is selected today, the ROI expired yesterday. 

New Logic on Release: If a Release of Information (ROI) is dated today, and Mark all ROI as expired is selected today, the ROI is expired today. 

Required Action: None

New - Care Team/Assigned Staff 

Overview: Within the client Profile, renamed Assigned Staff to Care Team. We’ve also added additional functionality to the Care Team feature.


Note: The Care Team encompasses all users added during a client enrollment and added directly to the client Profile. Care team management at the Program level is titled Assigned Staff.

For more information about these changes please visit:

Required Action: None

New - Add Individuals Directly to Outreach Map 

Overview:  With this update, users can now Add Individual(s) directly to the Outreach map. This update also includes renaming an Access Role from Add Clients Directly to Outreach Encampment to Add Clients to Outreach Map.

Note: Add Clients to Outreach Map now encompasses adding to an encampment as well as directly to the map. 

For more information about these changes please visit:

Required Action: None

New - Encampment Team Members Update

Overview: Updated our Encampment Team’s logic to include Agency selection and User selection. Previously there wasn’t an Agency select; Team Member visibility and ability to add them to teams were based on which Agency the admin was switched into.

For more information about these changes please visit:

Required Action: None

New - Outreach: Import Single Geo-Fencing

Overview: This new update gives users an option to upload a boundary within Map Layers to a previously created group. To upload a new boundary click on Upload File and follow the prompts.

For more information about these changes please visit:

Required Action: None

New - Mapping Layers: ArcGIS Integration

Overview: With this update, we’ve added the ability to import in map layers using ArcGIS API. You can find this in the Integrations section shown below. This update will allow System Administrators the ability to Import Map Layers into Outreach. More information on this exciting feature will be coming soon.

New and Updated Help Center Articles

We’ve either updated or created the following articles in response to this Clarity Human Services update. 

Updated Pages New Pages

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How do I conduct a Follow Up Assessment

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