Using Outreach

Adding Individuals to the Outreach Map


The process for adding individuals to the Outreach map is different than for adding Persons to an Encampment. 


  • You must have the Add Clients to Outreach Map enabled in Access Roles.
  • Turn on the Individuals toggle in the DATA FILTER on the Outreach Map. 


1. Click the Add Individual(s) icon.

add individual annotated-1

2. Enter Name, DOB, UID, or SSN to search for the individual. 

search for trey test

Note: If the client does not appear in your search results, you can click CREATE NEW CLIENT in the Add Individual(s) screen to create a record for that client.

create new client button


3. Click on the toggle to the right of the client's name.

toggle on trey test


4. Click ADD 1 PERSON(s).

add 1 person annotated 2


The message "1 person(s) selected" appears. Click CONFIRM.

confirm cropped

5. Click the "plus" icon next to the client's name. The color of the icon will change from grey to green.

green icon

6. Click on the client's location on the map. An icon representing the client will appear on the map, and the green "plus" icon in the Select Location panel will become a grey "pencil" icon.  

location saved cropped and annotated


7. If you are ready to save this location, click DONE. However, if you want to adjust the location before exiting this screen:

  • Click on the pencil icon next to the client's name. The client's icon on the map will turn red. 
  • Drag and drop the red icon to the correct location.
  • Click DONE. 
moving location


Moving an Individual After Clicking Done

To move the client's current location after you have clicked DONE, follow the steps listed in Adding an Individual to the Outreach Map above. After you have added the new location icon, the previous location icon will no longer appear on the map.

Note: All historical location Information is captured within the Clarity Human Services Location tab.

System Warnings

If a client has geolocation information that supersedes the current addition, users will see a warning (e.g., the client has geolocation added on the profile screen). 

system warning annotated