Outreach For End Users

Viewing Individuals in Outreach


The Outreach map can be filtered to view Individuals, Encampments, or both. Individuals in Outreach are client locations not contained in an encampment. "Individuals" are distinct from "Persons," which are client locations within an encampment. For more information about adding clients to an Encampment or directly to the map, please visit the following links:

Persons in Encampments 


Adding Individuals to the Outreach Map

As explained in Introduction to Outreach, system administrators establish settings for each Continuum of Care (CoC) in Outreach Settings, specifying what types of locations populate the map. The most recent client location data from the Location tabgeolocation fields, and geolocation-enabled service items automatically populate Outreach, based on the CoC’s Location Filters


  • The Individuals that display within Outreach are dependent on the CoC's Outreach Encampment Location Filters
  • Geolocation Fields in Client Profile Screens toggled on as Geolocation Field Based criteria always display in Outreach. Locations in Client Profile screens are static, whereas other locations displayed in Outreach are dynamic, and only the most recent record displays. Consequently, if using Client Profile location data in Outreach, the client’s current location should always be updated in the Client Profile, even if you track it elsewhere.

Profile Info

To view Profile Info for a client location, click the Individual icon on the Outreach map.


Click on the client icon to display a PROFILE INFO pop-up for the client. 

mary jones
  • Click VIEW to open the client record in a new tab.
  • Click the icon next to Location Date to open the LOCATION tab in the client record.

Multiple Individuals in Same Location View

When two or more clients have a location at the same address on the map, the Individual marker shows the number of clients.


Clicking the Individual marker displays a Profiles Info pop-up, which displays information for all clients with locations at the address.

profile info

Clicking on any record in the list displays the Profile Info pop-up for the Individual

Housed/Deceased Labels 

If a Client is considered Housed/Deceased according to specific system parameters a label will show Housed or Deceased.  For more information about this functionality please visit System Advanced Options: Outreach.