The Dashboard

Dashboard: Subscription Details



The SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS section displays system information such as the number of seats available, enabled functionality, and data usage. To view SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS, click the Launchpad and navigate to SETUP > DASHBOARD



The first section displays the number of Seats used out of the number of seats available for each Role Type (Enterprise, Manager, and Admin). 


Agency Seats reflects the number of agencies currently in the system out of the maximum number of agencies that can be created

NOTE: All instances have a “System” agency that is meant to be used solely for admin purposes. The System agency is not included in the total number of Agency Seats.


In some cases, the number of certain types of items that System Administrators can create is limited.


  • CoC Limit: the total number of Continuums of Care created in System Variables out of the maximum number that can be created
  • Program/Project Limit: the total number of Programs created within agencies out of the maximum number that can be created
  • Custom Data Field Limit: the total number of custom fields created in Field Editor out of the maximum number that can be created

Exceeding Capacity

If a System Administrator attempts to create a new staff member account or agency after the maximum number of seats has been met, a pop-up will appear to offer the option of purchasing a new license.


Attempts to create additional programs, fields, or CoCs will generate a message asking the System Administrator to contact Bitfocus.

System Components

The next section of SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS indicates which components of Clarity Human Services are enabled in the system. Only Bitfocus staff may enable or disable these components.


These components include the following:

Inactive Users and Database Size

The last section includes the number of inactive users in the system, the total database size, and the total size of all client files in the system.