Client Records and Households

Care Team


The Clarity Human Services Care Team encompasses all users added during a client enrollment and added directly to the client Profile. Care Team management is very similar to Assigned Staff at the Program level but housed within the Client Profile. For more information about Assigned Staff, please refer to our Assigned Staff article.


To access the CARE TEAM MANAGEMENT page, go to the Care Team section in the right sidebar of the CLIENT PROFILE page, then click Manage.


Within the CARE TEAM MANAGEMENT page, you can see all Active Care Team members and Inactive Care Team members. To add a new Care Team Member, click on ADD CARE TEAM MEMBER. 


Care Team Considerations/Notes

  • If there are no Care Team staff to add, the Manage button is hidden.
  • Care Team Members are moved to the Inactive Care Team when the End Date is before the Current Date. 
  • The End Date is optional. 
  • The Public toggle is turned on by default.
  • If the Public toggle is turned off, the Care Team member will only be visible to Clarity users at the same agency.
  • If the Public toggle is turned on, the Care Team member will be visible to any Clarity user who can view that client record.