Recording and Managing Referrals in the Client Record
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Referral Roles: Matchmakers, Navigators, and Case Managers


This article describes three different roles offered by Clarity Human Services for managing the referral process.


A Matchmaker is a user who can re-assign a client from the Community Queue to another agency’s program. Matchmakers will determine which client is the next in line for a particular resource based on eligibility criteria and community-specific prioritization. 

After identifying a client, the Matchmaker will send the referral to the program as part of the coordinated entry workflow. 

For more information on how HUD defines Coordinated Entry, please view their Coordinated Entry Policy Brief.

Matchmaker Settings

Turn on the Referral Match Maker Access Right for users who will perform the Matchmaker function.

To set whether Matchmakers can access all Community Queue referrals without having to switch between agencies, navigate to MANAGE > SHARING and set the Community Queue Matchmaker setting to “Sharing Settings Based” or “Full Shared.”

  • Full Shared: This option allows a user from another agency with the Referral Match Maker Access Right to view, open, and edit a referral from the agency with Full Shared regardless of the agency’s Programs/Assessments/Services Placed Sharing Setting. The Full Shared option takes precedence over the Sharing Group settings and Exceptions.
  • Sharing Settings Based: This setting follows the Programs/Assessments/Services Placed Sharing Setting.

Be sure also to select the appropriate Matching Process setting under SETUP > SETTINGS > Referral Settings > Community Queue.

The Matchmaking Process

Matchmakers can navigate to the Community Queue tab (SEARCH > REFERRALS) and use the filters described below to search for clients who are eligible for a specific resource.


  • Search: search the Community Queue for a specific client name, unique ID, or SSN
  • Mode: select an assessment from this drop-down list to limit the search results to clients who have completed that assessment.
    • If an assessment is selected, a Score Range field will appear that allows you to limit the search results to a particular score range for that assessment.
  • Active Agency:  This filter allows you to search for eligible clients within a specific agency and designate the agency to which you will make a referral. 
  • Characteristic: if Tracked Characteristics have been configured (for example, “female veteran”), you can search for clients who meet a particular characteristic by selecting it from this drop-down list 
  • Eligible Clients Only: turn on this toggle to limit the search results to clients who are eligible for programs within the Active Agency.
  • Sort By: Select whether you to sort the search results by “Client Name,” “Date of Referral,” or “Referring Agency.”

After setting your filter options, click the SEARCH button.

A list of clients who fit the search criteria will be displayed. After finding a suitable client, the Matchmaker clicks the Edit icon for that client in the list. 

In the REASSIGN section, the Matchmaker selects the program to receive the referral. 


  • If the program is set to “Limited Availability,” the Matchmaker will also need to select from a list of openings.
  • If the program is set to “Full Availability,” the Matchmaker only needs to choose the program.

After the Matchmaker clicks SAVE CHANGES, the referral moves from the Community Queue tab to the Pending tab.


A Navigator is a staff member who guides a client through the coordinated entry process.

To assign a Navigator for a referral, go to SEARCH > REFERRALS and click the Community Queue tab. Click the Edit icon for the referral in the Community Queue.

In the REFERRAL: ASSIGN section, click the ASSIGN NAVIGATOR button. 

The Navigator drop-down menu provides a list of staff members who have Navigator access rights enabled. Make a selection from the list, then click SAVE.

To select a different person to be the Navigator, click the “x” near the Navigator’s name. The ASSIGN NAVIGATOR button will reappear for you to choose another name.

Click SAVE CHANGES to save the selected Navigator.

Navigators remain in the Assigned Staff section until the referral is re-assigned and the Status is changed to Denied, Expired, or Completed.

When referrals are sent to a program, Navigators become Case Managers.

Case Manager

A Case Manager is a staff member at an agency assigned to a pending referral for one of that agency’s programs. 

The assignment is made by selecting the appropriate staff member from the Case Manager drop-down list on the REFERRAL: EDIT screen.

When a staff member is assigned as the Case Manager for a referral, the system sends a notification to the staff member and adds the referral to the staff member’s CASE MANAGER tab (CASELOAD > CASE MANAGER).

To enroll the client in the referred program, the Case Manager can search for the client in the system, navigate to the client’s record, click the PROGRAMS tab, scroll down to the referred program, and click the down arrow to expand the enrollment section.

After turning on the Program Placement is a result of Referral provided by toggle (and the Include group members toggle if appropriate), the Case Manager can then click ENROLL and proceed with the enrollment process