Configuring Outreach

System Advanced Options: Location & Outreach



The Location & Outreach settings include some fields that are available to all instances, and other fields that are available only to instances with Outreach enabled.

Instances with Outreach enabled display “Subscribed” for Outreach in Subscription Details in the System Setup Dashboard. If not enabled, the setting displays “Contact Us.” If you do not currently have Outreach enabled for Clarity Human Services and are interested in this feature, please contact our support team

To configure Location & Outreach settings, navigate to Launchpad > SETUP > SETTINGS, then click on Location & Outreach in the Advanced Options sidebar. 

Within LOCATION & OUTREACH, you can designate distinct settings for each CoC. If a CoC does not have its own settings, the system applies the “Default” settings. To edit existing settings, click the Edit icon next to the associated CoC or “Default” settings, or create new settings by clicking ADD NEW SETTINGS.


Note: Changes in LOCATION & OUTREACH are not active until you publish them. To publish changes, click Publish next to the appropriate CoC.

There are four initial Location & Outreach settings: CoC, Encampment Screen, Limit Geographic Area Address Suggestions, and Automated Notification When Housed.


Select the CoC for which you would like to establish settings. The CoCs that populate here are the CoCs set in System Variables

Encampment Screens

Encampment screens allow system administrators to customize the information recorded and displayed in the Encampment Profile. The System Encampment Screen, “Default Encampment Screen,” includes the Name, Description, Encampment Status Date, and Encampment Start Date fields. These fields are also automatically included in all custom encampment screens, and system administrators cannot remove them.

If desired, you can include Display Constraints and Calculations on your Encampment screens (SETUP > SCREENS > Encampment). In the example shown below, we have configured the Encampment screen to display the How many youth are residing in the encampment field only when the response to the Are there youth residing in the encampment field equals “Yes.”

constraint is yes annotated.                        constraint is no annotated

Limit Geographic Area Address Suggestions

Turn on Limit Geographic Area Address Suggestions for a CoC to limit the suggestions that appear as a staff member adds a location address. After toggling on Limit Geographic Area Address Suggestion, system administrators can choose to limit suggestions to locations within the state or within a certain radius in miles.


The “State” option limits search results to the state of the staff member’s agency (or the agency switched into). The “Radius in Miles” option limits search results based on the user’s browser GPS location. If location permissions in the browser is not enabled, the “Radius in Miles” results are based on the address of the user’s assigned agency or the agency the user is switched into. If you turn off Limit Geographic Area Address Suggestions, the search results will be sorted based on the user’s agency address (or the agency switched into).

Staff members at agencies within the CoC (or switched into an agency in the CoC) only receive suggestions based on the Limit Geographic Area Address Suggestions setting when typing in location search terms.


When Limit Geographic Area Address Suggestion is toggled on for a CoC, users can disable this limit when searching for a location in the client record.

Automated Notification When Housed 

The Automated Notification When Housed is used to create Encampment and Location tab level labels. The label function quickly helps users receive notification and quickly visually delineates between clients who should be active within Outreach and Clients who may need to be removed from the Encampment due to becoming Housed or Deceased. Housed and Deceased are the two labels available here. 

To turn on the function, navigate to SETUP > SETTINGS, click Location & Outreach in the Advanced Option sidebar, select a Continuum of Care to editthen toggle on Automated Notifications When Housed.


Once this setting is turned on, a client is considered Housed or Deceased using the following criteria:


Project Type This Applies To


A Housing Move-In Date is entered on the Enrollment Screen for any Permanent Housing Project Type 



The client is enrolled into an Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing or Safe Haven Program



Client exits to a permanent destination ("exit_destination" = 26,11,21,10,19,28,20,3,22,23, 31, 33, 34)

Applies to all project types  


Client is indicated as deceased on Exit Screen ("exit_destination" = 24) 

Applies to all project types



The system automatically flags other household members as Housed if the Head of Household (HoH) has a Housing Move-In Date on the Enrollment screen. This logic only applies to household members in situations with a Housing Move-In Date and does not apply where the HoH has an exit to a permanent destination.

Note: If a Head of Household is considered Housed (with an exit to a permanent destination) or Deceased, the label is not applied to all Household Members. Information will need to be collected for clients individually to appear as Housed/Deceased within the Outreach Encampment.


The next settings you’ll configure are Location Filters