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2024 Data Standards

Details on the changes included in the 2024 Data Standards, the tasks for System Administrators, and any applicable mapping.

News and Announcements

Feature updates, new and recently updated Help Center content, and other announcements.

Clarity Human Services: INVENTORY

Learn how to manage your physical housing inventory directly from Clarity Human Services.

Clarity Human Services: Outreach

Learn how to configure and use the Outreach module to view and interact with client location data.

Coordinated Entry

Resources for implementing Coordinated Entry in Clarity Human Services.

Getting Started

Learn how to complete common data entry tasks like creating new client records, enrolling clients in programs, and recording services.

System Administration

Discover the structure and functionality of Clarity Human Services as well as step-by-step instructions for system configuration.

Agency Management

Learn how to manage agencies within Clarity Human Services and create programs, services, and agency sites.

HUD and Federal Partner Resources

Data collection tools, links, and guidance from HUD and Bitfocus for configuring federally funded programs in Clarity Human Services.

Report Library

Find detailed information about reports, including the source of each data point as well as guidance on drill-down functionality and parameters.

Data Analysis

Use the powerful Data Analysis Tool to interact with your data. Understand the trends and patterns in your data to get the most from ClarityHS.

Data Integration and Migration

Find all the tools and resources you need to support data integration and migration projects within Clarity Human Services.

COVID-19 Resources

Strategies for using HMIS during the COVID-19 crisis and resources for FEMA's Non-Congregate Sheltering (NCS) Program.

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Contact Bitfocus to request new software features or new/updated Help Center articles.

System Status

Real-time information on the system status and incidence reports for Clarity Human Services.