Feedback and Requests

Feature Requests

Bitfocus is committed to building and maintaining a cohesive set of products and services that meet the collective needs of our customers.

Understanding your needs, challenges and background help give us a deeper understanding of your team and provides greater context to your feature requests. In this policy, we share our strategy in making implementation decisions that best serve our broad customer base and align with the overarching roadmap of Clarity Human Services. 

How we choose what to implement

There are many factors that influence our product roadmap and determine the features we implement. When making decisions about what to prioritize and work on, we combine your feedback and suggestions with insights from our leadership, support teams, product analytics, research findings and more. This information, combined with our medium- and long-term product and platform vision, determines what we implement and when.

How to track when features are implemented

You can track Clarity Human Services feature updates and data analysis updates on our Help Center. 

Feature and improvement suggestions

We encourage you to suggest improvements and new features for our products. You can create feature suggestions, or vote, watch, and comment on existing suggestions, at

We get a large number of suggestions and feature requests. Your comments and votes on suggestions help us understand what you’re passionate about and how you want our products to support you and your team. The most helpful information you can provide us when commenting on issues is how a particular suggestion would help you. If you describe your use-case to us, and how the suggested change would benefit you and your team, it lets us gain a much deeper understanding of the need behind the suggestion.

Suggestions often have an impact on what we work on, even if we ultimately choose not to implement a suggestion exactly as it’s described. Our ultimate goal is to understand what you and all of our customers need and to create products that meet those needs. Occasionally, that’ll mean implementing a suggestion as described, but it usually means working to understand the need behind the suggestion and how we can meet that need for as many users as possible.

While we endeavor to update and respond to popular suggestions, the volume we receive means there will often be occasions when we can’t provide an update or response. We don’t provide any compensation or credit for feature suggestions that we implement.

Join the Bitfocus Community conversation 

Join the Bitfocus Community Slack Channel. Customers utilize this space to connect with fellow users to learn about how other communities utilize new features and configure their workflows to meet their business practice needs. So, be sure to join the conversation!