Support, Feedback, and Requests

Software Feature Request


We appreciate your ideas and value your contribution to Clarity Human Services. Customer feedback is what makes our software so effective. Please email your ideas to


Requests for new software features will follow one of two paths:


Feature Recommendation: All feature submissions we receive fall into the category of a Feature Recommendation. Upon acceptance/approval of the recommendation, the feature is entered into our Feature Backlog. In order to provide our system with the flexibility necessary to appropriately prioritize our development efforts, status updates on a Feature Recommendation are not provided because development priorities may shift from release to release. Feature Recommendations are included for development as time and internal priorities allow.


Paid Feature Request: Upon submission of a Feature Recommendation, the requestor of the recommendation may request to have this feature developed and prioritized in an upcoming development cycle for a fee. If the feature request meets approval and aligns with the long-term development goals of the Clarity Human Services platform, a Statement of Work will be provided for the Paid Feature Request. Status updates will be provided for Paid Feature Requests, as they become locked in a development queue.