Overview and Checklists

Coordinated Entry Roles


This article describes the workflow for the different roles involved in managing the Coordinated Entry (CE) referral process.


After the client is enrolled in a CE program, the required assessments must be completed within that program:

  • Current Living Situation (CLS) assessment
    • Complete the first CLS the same day the client is enrolled in the program.
      • The Date of Contact must be the same as the Project Start Date.
    • Complete a new CLS if a CE assessment or CE event is recorded, if the client's living situation changes, or after a community-defined length of time. 
  • CE Assessment
    • Complete this assessment after completing the CLS.

If appropriate, refer the client to the Community Queue through the CE Assessment by clicking the REFER DIRECTLY TO COMMUNITY QUEUE(S) button. 

The referral will then appear under SEARCH > REFERRALS on the Community Queue tab. It will also appear on the Sent tab for the agency that sent the referral.


Once the client is on the Community Queue, a Navigator may be assigned to the client. A Navigator typically assists the client in the process of applying for and searching for housing.

To assign a Navigator for a referral:

  • Go to SEARCH > REFERRALS and click the Community Queue tab. Click the Edit icon for the referral in the Community Queue.
  • In the REFERRAL: ASSIGN section, click the ASSIGN NAVIGATOR button. 
  • The Navigator drop-down menu provides a list of staff members who have Navigator access rights enabled. Make a selection from the list, then click SAVE.
    • To select a different person to be the Navigator, click the “x” near the Navigator’s name. The ASSIGN NAVIGATOR button will reappear for you to choose another name.
  • Click SAVE CHANGES to save the selected Navigator.

The staff member remains a Navigator until the referral is re-assigned and the Status is changed to Denied, Expired, or Completed.


The next step involves Matchmakers, who are users with the Referral Matchmaker access right enabled. Matchmakers determine which client is the next in line for a particular resource based on eligibility criteria and community-specific prioritization, then re-assign that client from the Community Queue to another agency’s program (and a Unit/Bed within that program, if applicable).

Refer to the Introduction to Sharing Client Data for important details on configuring the matching process.

Matchmakers follow this process:

  • Navigate to the Community Queue tab (SEARCH > REFERRALS).
  • Use the filters described in our Community Queue for End Users article to search for clients who are eligible for a specific resource.
  • After finding a suitable client, click the Edit icon for that client in the list.
  • In the REASSIGN section, make a selection from the Program drop-down menu to select a program to receive the referral. 
    • If the system also displays an Opening drop-down menu, you must also select an available Unit/Bed.
    • If the Eligibility Override toggle is displayed, you may turn on the toggle to display all available openings instead of just those for which the client is eligible.
  • Click SAVE CHANGES. The referral will move from the Community Queue tab to the Pending tab.

Provider/Property Manager

The staff at the receiving housing program can then process the referral:

  • To acknowledge that the referral is under consideration by the agency, update the Status of the referral to “Pending - In Process.”
    • The background color for the referral on the Pending tab will change from white to green.

  • To deny the referral, update the Status of the referral to “Denied.”
  • To accept the referral and automatically move the referral to the Completed tab, enroll the client in the program:
    • Search for the client in the system.
    • Navigate to the client’s record.
    • Click the PROGRAMS  tab.
    • Scroll down to the referred program and click the down arrow to expand the enrollment section.
    • Turn on the Program Placement is a result of Referral provided by toggle (and the Include group members toggle if appropriate).
    • Click ENROLL and proceed with the enrollment process
    • Once the enrollment is completed, Coordinated Entry Events can be provided to the client.

Updated: 12/22/2023