Entering Client Location Data

Using Basemaps and Map Layers


Basemaps and Map Layers allow you to view specific geographic information when adding a new location or viewing existing locations, either from the Location or within Outreach


There are two basemap options: Map and Imagery with Labels. To select a basemap, click the Basemap icon within the map.


Note: The basemaps options are located in the lower right-hand corner in Outreach. 

The Imagery with Labels basemap includes satellite and high-resolution aerial imagery and place names. 

Map Layers

If your system administrator has enabled Outreach, you can view Map Layers, including CoC boundaries when adding or viewing locations. From the Location tab, this is accomplished by clicking the Layers icon in the map and the View icon beside the layer name. Within Outreach, Map Layers are located within the Data Filter


CoC Boundaries: viewing the map with this layer allows you to identify if a location falls within the boundaries of the CoC. These boundaries are defined by the CoC GIS shapefiles, published by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year.