Working with the Referrals Tab and Community Queues
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The Global Referrals Tab Overview


The Global REFERRALS tab is a central location where users can view, manage, and analyze all referrals, including direct referrals to programs and referrals to the Community Queue

Note: a user’s access to the Global Referrals tab is configured in Access Roles. Users can be given access to all, none, or specific sections of the Referrals tab. See Rights Glossary for Access Roles for more information about the different access settings. 

To access the Referrals tab, navigate to SEARCH > REFERRALS.


The Tabs

There are nine referrals sections, or “tabs”:

  • Dashboard: specific data analysis dashboard reports configured by system administrators to display in the Referrals tab
  • Pending: when a referral is first sent to a program, this will be the default status (the status can also manually be set) The Pending tab display all referrals sent to programs at the user's home agency or the agency the user is switched into. This is where agency staff review referrals either directly referred to their agency or re-assigned from the Community Queue.
  • Community Queue: referrals made to the Community Queue
  • Analysis: accesses the Data Analysis Tool with filters for sorting the queue
  • Completed: referrals sent to your agency that resulted in a program enrollment
  • Denied: referrals denied by your agency (also expired referrals)
  • Sent: referrals sent by your agency with any status
  • Snoozed: Community Queue referrals that have been “snoozed” 
  • Availability: allows users to set availability for programs within their agency
  • Open Units: accesses the Data Analysis tool with filters for program openings, as defined in the Availability tab

The Pending, Community Queue, Completed, Denied, Sent, and Availability tabs include a visual display corresponding to that tab in a pie graph that is adjustable by date.


Referrals are searchable by several different criteria and display referral data in specific ways in each tab. For more information about searching referrals see Filtering Referral Results.