Privacy and Sharing Logic for Reports

This article describes the privacy and sharing restrictions in place for client program data for the reports in our Report Library.

Admin Reports

There are no privacy or sharing restrictions for the admin version of any reports.

If a user’s Access Role or Agency is granted access to an admin report under SETUP > SETTINGS > Advanced Options > Report Library, the user will inherit access to that report.

Non-Admin Reports

For reports that are not listed in the Administrator Reports section of the Report Library, the privacy and sharing restrictions are as follows:

Report Parameters

The options listed in the Program(s) parameter will depend on the options selected for the Switch Access Agency(ies) parameter. The Program(s) options will be those associated with the selected agencies that are “shared” to the user according to the configured sharing settings, including departmental sharing and agency exceptions.

Report Details

A client’s enrollment (and its associated data, such as services provided within the enrollment) will be included in the report if:

  • The enrollment falls within the report date range selected by the user.


  • The user has permission to see the program enrollment in Clarity according to the following logic:

Published: 02/20/2024