Using Outreach

Persons in Encampments


The client locations, or Persons, included in an encampment in Outreach are based on the CoC’s Outreach Encampments Location Filters and the Data Filter options defined by the user in the Outreach map. To view the Persons in an encampment, click any area within an encampment’s boundaries.


Searching Persons in an Encampment

The Persons section displays all the clients in the encampment.

show all clients

Note: Geolocation Fields in Client Profile screens designated as “Geolocation Field Based” in the CoC’s Location Filters (SETUP > SETTINGS > Location & Outreach) always display in Outreach. Locations in Client Profile screens are static, whereas other locations displayed in Outreach are dynamic, and only the most recent record displays. Consequently, if you use Client Profile location data in Outreach, you should always update the client’s current location in the Client Profile, even if you track it elsewhere. 

To search for a person by name, you can type the name in the Search person area. As you type, the results are limited to those clients matching your search term(s). The map only displays clients that meet the search criteria.

Clicking on a client in the search results opens the Profile Info pop-up for the client, which includes the Client UID, DOB (with a copy icon), the location details, and a View button, which opens the Client Profile in a new tab.

mary jones

Adding Persons to an Encampment 

To add a Person to an encampment, click the Add Person icon within the Encampment Profile

add person


  • Persons added to an encampment through the Outreach map will save a Field Interaction location record to the client record. To view the location record in Outreach, ensure that Field Interactions are enabled in the CoC’s Location Filters.
  • You must set the “Time Scrubber” filter to “Today” to add a Person to an encampment within Outreach. 
  • Only client records that are shared with a user can be added to an encampment. Client records that are Private or created by an agency with Clients Created set to “Not Shared” or “Basic Shared” to a user’s agency cannot be added to the encampment.

You can search for clients by name, DOB, SSN, or UID. If the client is already in the encampment, an icon displays next to their name, and the toggle is disabled.

currently showing in this encampment

If the client is currently in another encampment, an icon displays next to their name, and the toggle is enabled.

currently showing in other encampment

If a record does not exist in the system for the client, you can create a new record by clicking CREATE NEW CLIENT.

create new client

The system will navigate you to complete the CREATE A NEW CLIENT screen. After you save the screen is saved, the system will navigate you back to Outreach with the new client available as a selection option. 

To add a Person to the encampment, toggle on the record and click Add Persons (the button label updates with the number of selected records). 

After clicking Add Persons, you’ll be prompted to confirm your selection. To remove a client, click the X icon beside their name. If clients in other encampments are included, the system will confirm the selection.

After confirming, you can move the client location within the encampment if desired by clicking the pencil icon in the sidebar (note that the location icon on the map changes to red), and clicking and dragging the red icon on the map. By default, the client location will be in the center of the encampment. 

pencil icon clicked

Once the correct location is selected, click DONE.

location selected annotated

In the Encampment AUDIT LOG, click the "Person" icon next to a staff member's toggle to see the names of clients the staff member has added, as well as the date and time they were added.

audit log

The new location record will display in the client record Location tab as a Field Interaction.

Moving Clients to Different Outreach Encampment

You can also move a client from one encampment to another. 

move to different encampment

Note: To use this function, Move Clients to Different Outreach Encampment must be turned on within Access roles.


Turn on the toggle for the client you want to move.

toggle on tracey test

Enter the Encampment Name or ID and click on Move # Persons(s)

moving tracey test

The new location record will display in the client record Location tab as a Field Interaction.