Entering Client Location Data

Location Tab Overview


The Location tab in the client record allows you to record and view client geographic location information with a Location Type of “Field Interaction” or “Address.” You can access the Location tab by clicking LOCATION in the client record.


Note: in order for the Location tab to display in the client record, it must be included in the agency’s Navigation Profile and enabled in the user’s Access Role

Previously recorded location information will display in the location results as well as on the map. These results include the name of the staff member who last updated the location record (Last Updated Staff), the Type of location, the Location Date, and whether the location displays in Outreach (if Outreach is enabled in the system). Location records are sorted by Location Date


You can filter location records by Type as well as Status (“Active,” “Inactive,” or “All”). The location types that display in the Location tab depend on whether Outreach is enabled in the system. If not enabled, only locations with a Type of Address or Field Interaction will display. 

Note: for geolocation fields and geolocation-enabled service items to display in the client Location tab, Outreach must be enabled for the instance. System administrators must also set up Location filters in Outreach Settings to determine which locations display.

Outreach in the Location Tab

The Outreach column in the Location tab displays “Individual” if the client location is in Outreach as an individual location or the encampment name if the location is within an encampment. A star icon indicates which encampment is the client’s current encampment.

Clicking Individual or an encampment name navigates you to Outreach, where you can view the client’s Profile Info and, if applicable, encampment information.

Click on a location pin to zoom into that location on the map.

Basemaps and Map Layers

Location records are displayed on an interactive map. You can zoom in and out on the map and view the map using basemaps and map layers.

Housed/Deceased Labels in the Location Tab 

Labels and tooltips that are connected to the Housed/Deceased functionality are also used in the Outreach column within the Location tab. For more information, please read Viewing Individuals in Outreach. 

Adding Client Locations from the Location Tab

You can add Address and Field Interaction location records from the Location tab (for information on adding location data through services or fields, see Entering Client Location Data for Geolocation Fields and Entering Data for Geolocation-Enabled Service Item).

Field Interactions

Field Interactions provide a quick way to record location data based on device location. To record this type of location, click the Field Interactions icon.


  • Mobile devices using GPS technology provide the most accurate location information.
  • When using this feature for the first time, you will be prompted to allow location access from your browser.

After you click the Field Interaction icon, the system will navigate you to the Add Location, where you can enter the client’s location information. 

Add Address

To add an Address location, click ADD ADDRESS.

locations include additional information fields:

  • Address Type: the drop-down menu options for Address Type are populated from the Address Type field, managed in Field Editor
  • Name: a user-selected identifying name for the location.
  • Location Date: a user-selected date for the location.
  • Active Location: turn this setting off to remove the locations from the Active view.
  • Private: toggling on makes the location visible only to staff members located at the agency where the record was created, regardless of Sharing settings (for more information on private data, see Making Client Data Private).
  • Clicking Add Location will navigate you to the Add Location pop-up.


Editing Locations from the Location Tab

Address and Field Interaction location records can be edited or deleted by hovering over the location and clicking either the edit or trash can icon. 

You can modify Field Interaction Address and Location Date.

For Address locations, you can modify all initially editable fields.