Client Records and Households

How Do I Create a New Client Record?

This article explains how to enter a client's information and photo into Clarity Human Services.


Note: If the client is a domestic violence survivor, follow your community's procedures for entering their information into the system.

If you search for a client record and do not find it in the system, click ADD CLIENT on the SEARCH FOR A CLIENT page to create a new record.

From the CREATE A NEW CLIENT page, you’ll record core data about the client. The fields displayed here are based on the Client Profile screen assigned to the agency (or based on the Client Profile screen assigned to the staff member, if a system administrator has used the Profile Override setting to assign a Client Profile screen other than the Agency Default to that staff member). 

Certain fields are required before you can save the record. If a required field is left blank, the system displays a banner to indicate that the record cannot be saved.  


Note:  To assist with data entry, if you enter 000-00-0000 for the Social Security Number field value, the Quality of SSN field will auto-populate with “Client doesn’t know.” You can update this value as needed. Similarly, since the HUD Data Standards only require users to enter a value for the Date of Birth field when certain Quality of DOB field selections are made, the Quality of DOB field is listed first; the selection you make for the Quality of DOB field will then determine whether the Date of Birth field remains on the screen:

  • If you select “Full DOB Reported” or “Approximate or partial DOB reported,” the Date of Birth field remains on the screen for you to complete.
  • If you select “Client doesn’t know,” “Client refused,” or “Data not collected,” the Date of Birth field will disappear from the screen.

If the assigned Client Profile is customized locally, it may also contain fields that aren’t required. 

One of the fields that may be included on this screen is the Alias field. If the client is known by other names, you may enter them in this field. Insert a comma between each name.

If the Pronouns field appears on the screen, you can make a selection from the drop-down menu.

If you do not see the client's pronouns listed, you may select "Manual Entry" and use the Pronouns Manual Entry field to enter custom pronouns for the client.

The client's pronouns will appear in parentheses after the client's name in all locations throughout the system where the client's name is displayed.


  • If you choose “Select,” “Client doesn’t know,” “Client refused,” or “Data not collected,” no pronouns will be displayed.
  • If you select "Manual Entry" but do not enter any text in the Pronouns Manual Entry field, no pronouns will be displayed.

Completing the Release of Information

Whether a Release of Information is required for record creation depends on the system and agency-level settings. If a Release of Information is required, the system will display Please fill in Release of Information form at the bottom of the screen. 

For more information, see Release of Information (ROI) Overview.

After the ROI record has been completed and saved, the ADD RECORD button will appear.

add record

After completing all necessary fields, click ADD RECORD to create the client record. 

Unique Identifier

The system displays the client’s Unique Identifier (UID) on the right side of the screen. Hover over the information icon next to the UID to view a tooltip with the client’s Personal ID (used for identifying duplicate client records within Clarity Human Services).

personal ID-1

Refer to our Personal ID article for more information on the Personal ID and how it is used to identify duplicate client records.

The URL for a client’s record contains the client’s UID. Users can edit the URL to navigate to another client’s record.

1215 1 a

Community Queue/Program Referral Alert

After the client record is created, any referrals made to a program or a Community Queue for the client will be listed under the client's Unique Identifier. Click VIEW DETAILS to view the referral.


Note: When Matching Process = “Match Maker Controlled,” the VIEW DETAILS link will be hidden for users who do not have the Referral Match Maker access permission

Adding a Photo

To add a photo to the client record, hover over the default Client Profile image and click UPDATE PROFILE PHOTO

If you are taking a photo using a webcam, you may need to grant the site access to your camera in your browser.

If you’re uploading a file, the acceptable file formats are .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and .tiff, and the maximum file size is 4 MB. 

Updated: 05/17/2024