System Settings

System Advanced Options: Client Forms



Client Forms allow system administrators to create standardized forms that can be made available to agencies and programs and completed in the client record (along with scanned documentation, if applicable). These forms can be customized to include electronic signature lines, checkboxes, and to pre-populate with the client’s name and the current date. 

Managing Client Forms

To create or edit a form, click the launchpad and navigate to SETUP > SETTINGS > Advanced Options > Client Forms. You’ll see a list of all previously created forms. To create a new form, click CREATE A NEW TEMPLATE.


On the ADD NEW CLIENT FORM TEMPLATE page, you’ll name the form and customize it using the form editor. 


Tools within the form editor can be used to add interactive elements to the form: 

  • Signature: This allows you to add a signature line that the client can sign using an electronic touchpad. This appears as {$SIGNATURES.0} in the form editor.
  • Checkbox: adds a clickable checkbox. This appears as {$CHECKBOX} when configuring the form editor.
  • Client Full Name: inserts the client name as it appears in the client record to the form. This appears as  {$CLIENT_FULL_NAME} in the form editor.
  • Current Date: records the date the form was electronically signed. This appears as {$SIGNED_DATE} in the form editor.

After customizing the form and clicking SAVE CHANGES, you can click PREVIEW to see how the form will appear in the client record.

Note: if a previously created form is modified or deleted, it will not impact previously recorded forms saved to client records.