Sites Tab Overview



Distinct records of location and contact information, called Sites, can be created within an Agency. You can then link these Sites to Programs. Sites contain the HUD HMIS Data Element fields and are used in Federal reporting

The Sites tab contains two Site Categories: Administrative and Housing Inventory:

  • Administrative Sites collect contact information associated with a project for reporting and administrative purposes. Once created, these sites can be assigned to multiple Programs.
  • Housing Inventory Sites also collect contact information about a project. However, unlike Administrative Sites, they can be used to designate Buildings and Units within a Site and to associate funding sources and eligibility criteria with the Site, Buildings, and Units. Additionally, once you create Housing Inventory sites, you can assign them to one Program.

This article focuses on Administrative Sites.

Managing Sites

To access the Sites tab for an agency, click the Launchpad and navigate to MANAGE > SITES (ensure that you are in the correct agency for the sites you would like to manage). 


When you create the Agency, information from the Overview is used to create the first Administrative Site. The Site Name will be the name of the agency (you can modify the name later). If you do not create any other Administrative Sites, this Site will automatically be assigned to a Program when you create that Program. You can change this by editing the Site information within the Program setup.

Creating a Site

To create a new Administrative Site, select Administrative as the Site Category and then click ADD NEW SITE

Note: Once you create a Site, you cannot modify the Site Category (Administrative or Housing).


In the ADD NEW ADMINISTRATIVE SITE section, input the location and contact information for the site.

Editing Sites

To edit information for an existing site, hover over the site and click the edit icon. To delete a Site, click the trash can icon. 


Note: You cannot delete a Site if it's linked to a Program, even if the Program has been deleted. This is because the deletion of an active Program is a "soft delete" that you can restore using the Recover deleted data functionality.


To delete the linked site, you'll first need to restore the deleted program.

After restoring the Program, navigate to the Sites section of the Program Resources sidebar within the restored Program.. Then, add a different Site, set it to "Primary Site," and remove the site you would like to delete. 

Return to the Sites tab, hover over the site you would like to delete, then click the trash can icon.


Audit Logs 

Administrative Sites are built with a System Administrator accessible  Audit Log.