Working with the Referrals Tab and Community Queues
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Referrals: the Completed Tab


The Referrals Completed tab displays referrals sent to programs at the agency a user is viewing data for that resulted in a Program enrollment. This can occur two different ways:

The Status field of a referral can also manually be set to "Completed".

Note: a user’s access to the Completed tab is configured in Access Roles. See Rights Glossary for Access Roles for more information about the different access settings. 

To access the Referrals Completed tab, click SEARCH > REFERRALS > Completed.

You’ll see a list of referrals and information about them. Referral results can be filtered and sorted. For more information about what each field in the referral results means, see Referral Details Glossary



You can navigate directly to a client record from the referrals results by clicking the client name.



To view more information about a referral, click the edit icon beside it.


You can also delete a referral by clicking the trashcan icon.

Note: The ability to delete a referral is configured in Access Roles. You should only delete a referral if it was created in error.