Program Enrollments

Program Information


Before you enroll or refer a client to a Program, you will be able to view service, funding, and capacity information for the Program.

To view Program information, click the drop-down icon next to the Program name.

Program Description

If a description of the Program has been entered in the Program Description field in the Modify Program page, it will appear under a PROGRAM DESCRIPTION header. 

Program Charts

This section displays charts representing enrollment, occupancy, and referral activity for the program. If there is no applicable enrollment, housing service, or referral data, the corresponding chart is hidden. 

Active Clients

This chart displays:

  • The total number of clients with active enrollments
  • Active program enrollments separated by individuals and families (households with more than one person included in the enrollment), represented as a percentage

Occupancy (Today)

This chart displays:

  • The total number of housing services for the day displayed as a Unit (or Bed, if Units for the service = ”0”)
  • Active housing services as a percentage of the total number of units or beds (“Checked In”)
  • Active reservation services with a status of “Pending” as a percentage of the total number of units (“Reserved”)
  • The percentage of available units, based on the capacity established for the service (“Available”)


This chart displays:

  • The total number of referrals from the last 90 days.
  • The percentage of referrals with a status of “Pending.” 
  • The percentage of referrals with a status of “Denied” 
  • The percentage of referrals resulting in a referral connection

Funding Source, Availability, and Service Categories

Funding Source 

Funding Source displays the first funding source added for the program. If that funding source has been removed, the next added funding source displays.

Service Categories

Service Categories displays the categories of services made available to the program on the Modify Program page. 

Program Availability

Program Availability displays data from the Availability tab. If there is no data entered in the Availability tab, this displays “Full Availability.”

Housing Availability

The HOUSING AVAILABILITY section displays bed and unit information from the MODIFY PROGRAM page.

Doc Requirements

Clicking DOC REQUIREMENTS opens in a separate window a list of any documentation requirements configured in the Documentation Requirements for the program (if applicable). 

Print Directions

Clicking PRINT DIRECTIONS displays a map with directions from the client’s location to the agency’s address.