The Attendance Module

Managing Attendance Services in the Attendance Module


The Attendance Module provides a way to record, view, and manage attendance-based (daily attendance or multiple attendance) services for multiple clients at once for one or more dates.

To access the Attendance Module, click the launchpad and click ATTENDANCE

Any active attendance-based services set up in your agency (or the agency you're switched into) will display in the module. Click the edit icon beside the service to record new or view existing service placements.


The Service Attendance page includes:

  • In Attendance: where clients are being provided the service on the specified date display. 
  • Attendance History Assist: if enabled for the service item, will list the clients who have received the service within the designated period of time.
  • Reserved Clients: if enabled for the service item, will display reservations for the service item.
  • Client Search: where you search for the clients to provide the service to.

 The screen will adjust to list the attendance information for the chosen date.

Recording Client Attendance Services

There are three ways to record client attendance services:

Add Clients from Attendance History Assist or Reservation List

Click ADD next to the name of the client who either has a reservation for the service or has received the service in the designated amount of time. A service is automatically saved in the client record.

If necessary, you can remove the client from the daily attendance list by selecting the trash can icon next to the client's name. This will return the client to the reservation or Attendance History Assist list.

Client Search Box

Use the client search box to add a client who has not received the service during the last 4 months, to add a client who does not have a reservation, or to check in multiple household members.


Enter the client name (or part of the client name). Just as with the first method, click ADD to add the client to the In Attendance list.

Note: If the service transaction requires a Program enrollment, the Attendance Module will not allow you to provide the service to clients who are not enrolled in the Program.

To add members of a household, click the  icon to the left of the client name. A list of their associated household members will drop down. Click ADD to check in these household members.


Unique Identifier Scan Upload

The Attendance Module provides the ability to scan the barcodes on Client ID cards to search for the client record automatically and apply the service to client records. Refer to [CLNT-103] Photo ID Card - Sample for details on generating client photo ID cards.

To scan client ID cards to record the service, click Scanned.

Note: The Client ID barcode format is Code128 B. Please ensure compatibility with this format when purchasing scanners for use in Clarity Human Services. 

Viewing Public Alerts in the Attendance Module

If a client record has an active (not expired) Public Alert that is not private, and if Enable Public Alert Banner is enabled for the service item, you will see an alert icon when viewing the client anywhere in the module (the Client Search section, In Attendance, Reserved Clients, Clients from Last 4 Months).

Hovering over the client name will display a pop-up with an option to view the public alert.

Clicking View Public Alert will open a new browser tab for the client’s NOTES tab, where the Public Alert(s) can be viewed.