Program Enrollments

How Do I Exit a Client from a Program?

This article describes how to exit a client or a household from a program enrollment in Clarity Human Services.

To exit a client from a program, go to the PROGRAMS tab from the client's record, hover over the program enrollment, and click the Edit icon.

From within the enrollment, click Exit.

Note: If the Head of Household (HoH) leaves the project while other household members remain, you must designate another household member currently participating in the project as the new HoH (retroactively to the beginning of the household's enrollment).

Open Services

If Close Services upon Exit has been enabled for the program, any services scheduled for the client after the program exit date will appear at the bottom of the Exit page for you to enter an end date.

After completing the program exit screen and closing any open services as appropriate, click SAVE & CLOSE. 

Note: if a client has no program service activity for a prescribed time period, the client will automatically be exited if Auto Exit Due to Inactivity is enabled for the program.

If a client is exited from a program with attendance services that extended past the exit date, and then a new enrollment is created in that same program that started before those services ended, the system will end the services associated with the first enrollment on the day before the new services related to the second enrollment start. Refer to our articles on Auto Service Placement and the Attendance Module for more details.

Unit Occupancy

When a client is exited from a program enrollment that includes a Unit occupancy, the removal of the Unit from the enrollment will be tracked in the enrollment audit log. 

Exiting a Household

When exiting a household, the option to exit several household members will appear. Toggle the switch next to the member(s) you wish to exit. You can select all or just some of the clients to be exited from the enrollment. Once you click the END PROGRAM button, the exit screens for the clients you selected will be displayed in sequence for each household member. 

Complete the exit screen and click SAVE & NEXT at the bottom of the screen to move to the next client's exit screen record. After you complete all the screens, the button will read SAVE & EXIT.

Exiting a Client Who Has Aged Into Adulthood 

Refer to our Adulthood Notifications article for details on the banner that is displayed when you are exiting a client who has turned 18 while enrolled in the program. 

Program Auto-Exit Functionality

If Auto Exit Due to Inactivity has been enabled for a program, a client will be automatically exited from a program when specific criteria are met. 

Updated: 11/2/2023