Program Enrollments

How Do I Exit a Client from a Program?


To exit a client from a program, go to the PROGRAMS tab from the client’s record, hover over the program enrollment, and click the Edit icon that appears to the left.


From within the enrollment, click Exit.


Note: If the Head of Household (HoH) leaves the project while other household members remain, you must designate another member of the household currently participating in the project as the new HoH (retroactively to the beginning of the household’s enrollment).

Open Services

If the client is scheduled for services that will occur after the program exit date, then these services will appear at the bottom of the Exit page where you can end date them.

Note: this functionality is only available if Close Services upon Exit has been enabled by an administrator for the program.


Complete the program exit screen and, if appropriate, close any open services, then click Save and Close. 

Note: if a client has no program service activity for a prescribed period of time, the client will be automatically exited if Auto Exit Due to Inactivity is enabled for the program.

Exiting a Household

When exiting a household, the option to exit several household members will appear. Toggle the switch next to the member(s) you wish to exit. You can select all clients to be exited from the enrollment, or a smaller subset.  Once you click the END PROGRAM button, the exit screens for the clients you selected will be displayed in sequence for each household member. 


Complete the exit screen and click Save & Next at the bottom of the screen to move to the next client's exit screen record. When all are completed, the button will read Save & Exit.

Exiting a Client Who Has Aged Into Adulthood 

The HMIS Data Standards Manual specifies that updates are required for certain data elements when a child transitions from youth to adulthood (18 years old) while enrolled in a program ("aging into adulthood").

To accommodate this requirement, when exiting a client who has aged into a household, a ribbon will display at the top of the page notifying the staff member: 

"Client has turned 18 years old while in the project. Please review project entry information. (Click here)" 


Clicking the banner will navigate the staff member to the program enrollment screen of the client who has aged into adulthood. 

Program Auto-Exit Functionality

If auto-exit has been enabled for a program, a client will be automatically exited from a program when certain criteria are met. For more information about the auto-exit feature, see Program Setup: Auto Exit