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How Do I Create a Public Alert?


Public Alerts provide a way to direct staff members to important information within a client record by displaying an alert. In the client record, Public Alerts appear as a gold banner across the top of the Client Profile. Within the Attendance Module, Public Alerts appear as an alert icon next to the client’s name. For more information on viewing Public Alerts in the Attendance Module, see Managing Attendance Services in the Attendance Module and Making and Managing Reservations.

Note: The ability to create, edit, and delete alerts is dependent on the permissions within the staff member’s access role

A few examples of how a public alert can be used:

  • Locating clients in order to offer a service or referral (“Please have Jane Doe call our agency for rental assistance”)
  • Indicating that a housing opportunity is available for a client
  • Language access and support by making sure other providers know the client’s primary language (“Client speaks Spanish as primary language”)
  • The client has lost an item or an item belonging to the client has been found

 To create a public alert, go to the Notes tab in the client record and click Add Alert.


Enter a title, expiration date, and text explaining the nature of the alert (the Agency field will automatically populate with the name of your agency or the agency you're switched into).

Expiration Date: Once the date selected for Expiration Date has passed, the alert will remain in the client record under the Notes tab. However, the Public Alerts gold banner will no longer display in the Client Profile for that specific alert (it may still display if there are other alerts that have not expired).

To immediately “expire” an alert, change the expiration date to any date before today’s date.  

Private: An alert can either be shared with all agencies in the system or privately within an agency. Toggling Private will make the public alert visible only to staff members in your agency (for more information on private data, see Making Client Data Private).

  • Leaving Private un-toggled will make the public alert visible to all agencies, regardless of the agency's sharing settings.

Once the alert has been saved, the alert ribbon will display on the Client Profile.