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Client Contact Tab


The client record CONTACT tab is a place to record and share a client's contact information (phone numbers and email address). Multiple contact records can be created in a client record, allowing staff members to save contact information for family members, case workers, employers, and other important contacts. 

Depending on the sharing settings of the agency and the staff member's access role, contact information can be shared, edited, and deleted within and across agencies. Individual contact records can also be made private to the agency where they were created, regardless of the agency's sharing settings.


Creating Contact Records

To create a contact record, click the CONTACT tab within the client record and click ADD CONTACT.

Select an appropriate Contact Type. The picklist options for the Contact Type field are created by system administrators in FIELD EDITOR. If you select "Client," the client's name will be recorded with the contact record. Any other selection will include a Name line to record the contact's name.


Note: The Contact Type picklist contains a "Client Supplied" option that is grayed out. This option is associated with Customer Portal functionality and cannot be selected within Clarity Human Services.

Enter an email address, phone number, or both for the contact. You can turn off the Active Contact toggle if the contact is no longer accurate or applicable but should be retained for historical purposes. Turning on the Private toggle will make the contact accessible only to staff members within the agency, regardless of agency sharing settings (for more information, see Making Client Data Private ). Select a Date to associate with the contact and, if applicable, add a Note. Click SAVE CHANGES

After the record is saved, your name and the date the record was created (which may be different from the selected Contact Date) will be saved to the record. 

Viewing and Modifying Contact Records

Available Contact records will display in the CONTACT tab and include the name of the staff member who created the record and the Contact Date. Depending on your access role and the agency's sharing settings, you may have the ability to view, edit, or delete records created by users at other agencies.

To view or edit a record, hover over it from the CONTACT tab and click the edit icon. 


If Location is set to "Basic Shared" by the creating agency, this option will not be available to staff members at other agencies. If a note is associated with the contact record, you can hover over the icon to view the text of the note. 

Audit Log

Users with the appropriate access can view additions, deletions, or modifications to the following Client Contact items in the Audit Log, along with the name of the user who made the change, the agency they were switched into, and the date/time of the change:

  • Contact Type
  • Email
  • Phone (#1)
  • Phone (#2)
  • Active Contact
  • Private
  • Contact Date
  • Created by Agency
  • Created by Staff
  • Created on (date)
  • Note (text changes/formatting changes)

Updated: 11/21/2022