Recording and Managing Referrals in the Client Record
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Introduction to Making Referrals


The ability to refer clients to programs with or without eligibility criteria, match and prioritize those referrals based on specific criteria, and manage referrals across multiple programs is a key functionality of Clarity Human Services and an essential component of Coordinated Entry process management. 

Clarity Human Services offers the following methods for making referrals:

Type of referral

Where to make the referral

Refer client directly to a specific program regardless of eligibility criteria

Client-level REFERRALS tab

Refer the client directly to a program based on eligibility criteria

Client-level ASSESSMENTS tab
or program-level Assessments tab

Refer the client to a Community Queue, where referrals will be reviewed for program eligibility and prioritization by a designated staff member, and can be reassigned to a program (and a Unit/Bed, if the community is using INVENTORY)

Community Queue

Refer the client to a specific Unit/Bed based on Unit eligibility criteria and Unit availability
(If the community is using INVENTORY and has enabled the Unit Queue)

Unit Queue

Agency and Program Configurations for Referring to Programs

When referring a client to a program using the method explained above, certain agency and program configurations must be in place for a program to show up as a referral option:

  • Continuum of Care: The Continuum of Care in the Agency Overview must be the same for the referring and referred-to agency (the system does not look at the Continuum of Care field for the program).  
  • Public Listing: Public Listing must be set as either “Public” or “Agency” for the program being referred to. If set as "Public," the program will populate as an option for all agencies. If set as "Agency", it will only populate for staff members at the agency (or switched into agency). If an agency has no programs with Public Listing configured to be shared with the agency or publicly, it will not populate the drop-down menu.
  • Eligibility: Eligibility must be toggled on for the program being referred to (requirements added in the Program Eligibility section will determine if a program displays in the Eligible or Ineligible section from the Referrals tab. For more information see, Program Eligibility).
  • Sharing: Service/Programs/Assessments Placed must be set to "Basic Shared" or "Full Shared" for the program being referred to.

The chart below displays which settings impact the referral options in each section of Clarity Human Services.

  Assessments Tab Referrals Tab Re-Assign from Community Queue Unit Queue

Continuum of Care

x x x X

Public Listing

x x    




x  x    

Please see the System Administration series of articles on Referrals and the Community Queue for details on system configuring options and requirements for making referrals. 

The following articles provide details on end user referral workflows:

Updated: 5/8/2023