Program Enrollments

How Do I Remove a Program Exit?


A client or household may be unintentionally exited from a program enrollment and the staff member may need to remove the exit event.  Please note that this process is not intended for clients returning to the program to re-enroll.  In those cases, a new program enrollment is needed.

To remove a program exit record, select the Program Enrollment from the Program History area and click the Edit icon.

When the Program screen is opened, click Exit to the right of the screen.  This will open the End Program screen for the enrollment.  


Once the End Program screen is open, the user can remove the date populating the Program Exit Date field and click Save Changes. When the user goes back to the Programs tab, the enrollment is now listed as Active

Repeat this process for household members as needed.

Note: This will only work if the Program Exit Date field is not set to Required and required questions are not missing. Talk to your agency manager or system administrator if it is set to Required.