Sample Looks

HMIS Performance: Enrollment CoC of Heads of Household

HUD reports are increasingly relying on [Enrollment CoC of Head of Household] for CoC-wide reporting. This data element has a significant impact on the System Performance Measures (SPM) and Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) report output and submission. 

To learn more about these reports, review the articles linked below. 

The following are steps for developing a suggested Look for identifying Enrollments with CoC issues.

  1. Explore - HMIS Performance Model
  2. Add the following fields to the Look:
    • Personal ID (Clients view)
    • Enrollment ID (Enrollments view)
    • Enrollment CoC Code of Client at Project Start (Entry Screen view)
    • Enrollment CoC Code of Client's HoH at Project Start (Entry Screen view)
  3. Change the Reporting Period Filter to the report date range
    • Change from "is in past" to "is in range"
    • Enter the [report start date] until (before) [report end date] +1
      • Adding 1 to the [report end date] includes the last day of the reporting period in the results
  4. Add additional filters as needed to meet your needs:
    • CoC Code of Client's HoH at Project Start (Entry Screen view)
    • CoC Code of Client at Project Start (Entry Screen view)
    • Agency Name (Agencies view)
    • Program Name (Programs view)
    • etc.

The following shows an excerpt of the Look and highlights a potential problem: EnrollmentCoCIssuesv2

The data element 3.16 Enrollment CoC is collected only for the Head of Household at project start, it is important to note that data issues may arise when the CoC differs between the Head of Household and other household members. These data issues can result in the exclusion of clients from significant reporting submissions.

To link to the enrollment, click on the ellipses (...) next to Enrollment ID. 


Then choose "Clarity Program Enrollment." A new window will open taking you to the enrollment. Make the necessary corrections.

Advanced Option

A table calculation can be added to the Look to highlight enrollments where the Client Enrollment CoC and HoH Enrollment CoC are not equal. Here are the steps:

  • Click on "Add calculation"


  • Give the calculation a name (default is Calculation 1)
  • Copy and paste the following into the calculation area:
  • Click on "Save" to add the calculation to the table.
  • The calculation will be added as the right-most column
  • Sort by the table calculation

Updated: 12/05/2023