Service-Based Reports

[GNRL-112] Client Address / Location

Report Purpose & Summary

This is a service-based report that provides location and contact information for clients placed in specified service(s) during a specified reporting period.

Running the Report

Report Location

This report can be found in the following location in the Report Library:

  • Service Based Reports → [GNRL-112] Client Address / Location

Who Can Run the Report

All users can run the report, but only for services for which they have access.

Parameter Options

The following parameters are required to run this report:

Service Status
  • All Services
  • Active Services
  • Inactive Services
Service: Service Item(s)

Choose which service item(s) to include: 

All, Single Select, or Multi-Select (Hold Control/Command or Hold Shift to select multiple options sequentially.)

Veteran status Selecting "All" will generate information for any of the options in the dropdown menu. You can also filter the report information by choosing one or several options.
Report Date Range Select the Service date range to include.
Report Format Web Page, PDF, or Excel

Report Details

This report provides the following client location and contact information:

  • Client unique identifier
  • Client name
  • Client telephone number
  • Address type
  • Most recent shared client address

Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown Functionality is not necessary for this report.

Updated 4/25/2023