Configuring Cross Agency Services


An agency may record client services  that should be associated with another agency’s program enrollment. Recording this in Clarity Human Services is accomplished with Cross Agency Services

There are two options for recording cross agency services in a client record. This article outlines the configuration steps for both. For information on recording cross agency services in the client record, see Recording Cross Agency Services

Note: Both agencies are able to report on Cross Agency Services.

Option One: Linking the Service to an Enrollment

In option one, an agency (Agency A) records a standalone service in a client record that is then linked to another agency’s (Agency B) program enrollment, using the Link from History functionality. 

Configurations for Both Agencies:

  • Set Clients Created and Programs/Assessments/Services Placed to “Full Shared” in both agencies’ sharing settings. If the cross agency services sharing is only between specific agencies, configure that sharing by creating a new sharing group and adding it to those agencies’ sharing settings. 

Configurations for Agency A (Service Provider):

  • Create a service (with at least one service item ) and set Program Usage for the service to “Services Only.”

Configurations for Agency B (Enrolling Agency):

Within the program settings for the Agency B program the service will be linked to, make the following configurations:

  • Toggle on Cross Agency Services. 


  • Toggle on Link from History.


Note: If Agency A will also need to link the service to one of their programs, they will need to toggle on Link From History within the appropriate Agency A program(s).

Option Two: Directly Recording the Service in the Enrollment 

Option two allows a staff member at an agency (Agency A) to record an Agency A service directly in another agency’s (Agency B) program enrollment.


The configuration is similar to option one, except the Agency A service should have Program Usage set to “Program Only”, with no programs selected. Additionally, Link from History does not need to be enabled for the Agency B program, since the service will be directly recorded to the enrollment.