Data Models

Client Model


Bitfocus has created the Client Model to allow for analysis across the various ways clients may come in contact with the Continuum of Care system.

  • Clients where only an initial intake (profile screen) was done
  • Assessments like the VI-SPDAT
  • Enrollments
  • Services

The model is designed to give insight into:

  • Non-HMIS analysis
    • For those communities that utilize Clarity Human Services for purposes other than HMIS
  • Call Centers (211)
  • Needs Assessment
  • Diversion Programs
  • Unmet Needs


The model includes the following:

  • All clients, deleted and undeleted, in a Clarity Instance
  • A streamlined version of the fields from the HMIS Performance Model
  • All deleted data for the client:
    • Assessments
    • Services
    • Enrollments
    • etc.


  • Custom Fields - This folder will contain any custom dimensions you may create for the Look
  • Agency Creating Profile - Includes dimensions about the Agency which created the client Profile screen
  • Bed and Unit Inventory - Similar to the Bed and Unit Inventory fields found on the HMIS Performance model
  • Client Addresses - Brings information entered from the Location tab in the client's Clarity record
  • Client Alerts - Fields concerning the system client alerts feature available in Clarity
  • Client Assessments (and Custom) - Includes fields from standalone assessments like the VI-SPDAT. The custom folder includes any custom fields used on assessments and published to Data Analysis.
    • Presumed Chronic - This calculation evaluates if a client might be considered chronically homeless. This is not an official HUD designation.
  • Client Contacts - These fields are drawn from the Contact tab of a client's Clarity record
  • Client Custom - This folder will show custom fields that are created and included on the Profile screen and then published to data analysis
  • Client Field Interactions - these fields are from the Location tab of Clarity (see Location Tab Overview)
  • Client Interactions - these fields report on the times the client's Clarity record was "touched" (see Client Interaction and Last Interaction sections for more details) 
  • Client Last Interaction - (see Client Interaction and Last Interaction sections)
  • Client Notes - Includes notes that are both connected to a program enrollment and are standalone.
  • Clients - Fields are from the Profile screen. Custom Profile fields are included in this section.
  • Coordinated Entry Event - Includes dimensions to meet the Data Standards for 4.20
  • Current Living Situation (and Custom) - includes dimensions to meet the Data Standards for 4.12, formerly known as Contacts or Outreach Contacts
  • Enrolling Agency - Information about the agency associated with the Enrollment
  • Enrollments - This section includes dimensions related to the enrollment:
    • Project Start & End Dates
    • Household Configuration
    • Average Days in Project
    • Latest Move-in Date
    • Days from Project Start to Move-in
  • Entry Screen - See HMIS Performance Model for more details
  • Followup Screen - See HMIS Performance Model 
  • Goals - Fields from the Goals screen.
  • Program Folders - See HMIS Performance Model
  • Referral Connections Enrollment - This section includes dimensions about enrollments resulting from a Referral
  • Referral History - Includes fields related to historical referral data (see referrals)
  • Referrals - Fields related to a client's Coordinated Entry System (CES) Referral including status, dates and outcomes
  • Referto Programs - Includes fields related to the program a client has been referred to through the CES process
  • Release of Information - Information regarding the date and documentation of the client's Release of Information
  • Service Folders - See HMIS Performance Model 
  • Status Update - See HMIS Performance Model 
  • Update/Exit - See HMIS Performance Model 

What's new?

The fields/sections described below are unique to the Client Model.

Client Interaction and Last Interaction sections

These sections explores the times (or last time) a client interacted with the Continuum of Care system. Fields are:

  • Deleted (Yes/No) - Is the interaction deleted in Clarity
  • Interacting Agency - Agency which recorded the interaction
  • Interaction Date - Returns the date of the interaction
  • Interaction Type
    • Assessment
      • Standalone assessment
      • Annual/Status/Follow-up assessment
    • Client Address Update/Addition
    • Client Contact
    • Client Note
    • Profile Update - Any update to the profile screen
    • Program - Any update to a program enrollment
      • Enrollment/Entry
      • Exit
    • Referral - Coordinated Entry system interaction
    • Release of Information - Any update or new Release of Information
    • Service
    • New Client - If client profile was created less than two hours ago, "New Client" will be displayed and the information will be updated within two hours
  • Days Since Last Interaction

Last Exit Destination (Enrollments)

This field will return the latest destination recorded for a client exiting from a program. This is useful for programs with multiple enrollments for a client.

Suggested Looks

As a starting point to exploring the Client Model, below are links to articles about creating Looks using the model.

Missing Assessment/Enrollments

Archivable Clients 

 Reminder: The client model includes deleted data (enrollments, assessments, services, etc.). If needed, remember to filter out deleted items.