Clarity Human Services Feature Updates

Clarity Human Services: April 2024 Feature Updates

This month's release includes updates to the client record URL and the HMIS Element Type.

Release Schedule: 

  • All Training Sites: Monday, April 8, 2024

  • All Production Sites: Monday, April 22, 2024

Highlights of this month’s updates:


The updates described in this article will be deployed in the early morning hours on scheduled release days. During release, the Clarity Human Services application may experience performance delays. We recommend clearing your cache at the initial login if experiencing difficulty.

The Data Analysis update will follow the same feature release schedule dates. There may be a slight delay when accessing Looker after the release as the system updates are being applied. Data Analysis release notes will arrive in a separate communication. 

Updated: URL Contains Client’s Unique Identifier

The URL for a client’s record will now contain the client’s Unique Identifier (UID). Users can edit the URL to navigate to another client’s record.

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If a client’s record has been merged with another client’s record, and a user enters the first client’s UID into the URL:

  • The system directs the client to the merged record.
  • The URL is automatically changed to show the UID of the merged record.

The old URLs with the previous General ID will be maintained for at least six months after release.

Required Action: None.

Updated: HMIS Element Type

The value for HMIS Element Type for HMIS Data Element fields has been updated to the 2024 XML Schema type.

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Required Action: None.

Updated: HMIS Element Description for 3.06.1 Gender

The HMIS Element Description for the Gender field was updated from:

“ Female Male, NoSingleGender Transgender Questioning GenderNone”


“Gender (as many as are applicable) Woman (Girl, if child) Man (Boy, if
child), Non-Binary Culturally Specific Identity (e.g., Two-Spirit)
Transgender Questioning Different Identity"

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Required Action: None.


  • Clarity Human Services has been updated to the newest version of the HUD Zip Code to Geography Crosswalk file (the 2023 version, which was released on March 10, 2024).
  • An update has been released in which the Data Import Tool (DIT) will no longer create a second exit screen for an enrollment that had been re-opened. Customers with impacted records will be contacted by the BFF/CoAd teams with next steps.
  • An update has been released in which the DIT uploads no longer create an incorrect 'is_reopened' record for the exit screen in the Audit Log after an Enrollment is reopened by 'Reopen Client Program' with 'Clear All Exit Data' toggled 'on.'
  • When the DIT imports a response '0'/"No" for any of these three FY24 HMIS Data Elements:

    • Income from Any Source (DE #4.02.2),

    • Non-Cash Benefits from Any Source (DE #4.03.2), or

    • Covered by Health Insurance (DE #4.04.2),

    the dependent elements of the above element will be imported as ‘null’ or $0, even if values are transmitted. Pre-existing values for dependent elements of the above three records being updated will also be set to 'null' or $0, depending on the field type.

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New and Updated Help Center Content

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Published: 04/010/2024