Configuring INVENTORY

Changing Unit Configuration Types


In INVENTORY, the UNIT CONFIGURATIONS section of the MODIFY UNIT page allows you to see which Unit Configuration Type (UCT) is currently in use for the Unit and to schedule future UCTs for that Unit. 

  1. Current Configuration: This is the Unit Configuration Type currently in use. The first Unit Configuration Type added to a Unit will appear in this section with the date it was created and will remain until the Unit Configuration is changed.
  2. Upcoming Configurations: These are Unit Configuration Types that the Unit is scheduled to change to.
  3. Available Configurations: These are Unit Configuration Types that are neither Upcoming Configurations nor Unavailable Configurations
  4. Unavailable Configurations: UCTs other than the one that is currently assigned to the Unit will appear here and remain here until you move them into Available Configurations or Upcoming Configurations.

To move a UCT into or out of the Upcoming Configurations or Available Configurations sections, click on the UCT and drag it into the desired section.

To change a Unit's Current UCT:

  • Click on the desired UCT in the Upcoming Configurations or Available Configurations section.
  • Drag the UCT into the Upcoming Configurations section.
  • Enter the As Of Date in the ASSIGN UNIT CONFIGURATION pop-up.

change UCT (1)

The As Of Date, displayed in the Upcoming Configurations section as the Start Date, determines when a UCT in the Upcoming Configurations section will become the Unit's Current Configuration.

You cannot drag and drop UCTs directly into or out of Current Configurations. The only way for a UCT to move to Current Configurations is for the system to move it automatically from Upcoming Configurations to Current Configuration based on the Start Date.


  • If a UCT is moved into Upcoming Configurations without having an assigned program, the system displays a warning banner:

    The banner will remain until a program is assigned to the UCT. If a program is not assigned to the UCT before the UCT Start Date, the Unit will not appear in the Unit Queue or be included in the Available Units list in the Units tab.

  •  If you move a UCT into the Upcoming Configurations section and enter an As Of Date that is before the Unit Start Date, the system will underline the As Of Date in red.
  • If the number of Beds in a Unit's upcoming UCT is less than the number of Beds that are either occupied or have pending occupancy in the current UCT, the system sends a notification for the user to either end the current occupancy or adjust the upcoming UCT. Refer to INVENTORY: Beds for details.

  • When a user assigns a new UCT to the Unit, the system displays the following pop-up if the upcoming Unit Configuration Type is not suitable for the existing occupancy: "This upcoming unit configuration conflicts with a current unit occupancy during that date range. Please adjust the client occupancy dates or unit configuration type dates as appropriate."


Published: 5/24/2023