Clarity Human Services Patch Releases

August 2020 Patch Release

Bitfocus will sometimes release updates to Clarity Human Services outside of our regular development schedule to implement functionality deemed necessary. When this occurs, we will notify customers of these changes in the Patch Releases Help Center section. We will post updates the Friday before items are released to training sites the following Tuesday. These items will be released to live sites two weeks after being released to training sites.   

August 2020 Patch Release Items

The following items will be available on all training sites August 18, 2020 and all live sites September 1, 2020:

  • In the June 2020 Feature Update, we added the option to send a manually expired referral to a Community Queue. In this patch release, we’ve updated the label for the Referral setting Display Option to "Send to Queue" at Denial to include Expired referrals. 
  • Within the HUD Export , when a referral automatically expires, the HUD Data Element “Coordinated Entry Event ReferralResult” has an inferred value “ReferralResult = 3: Unsuccessful referral: provider rejected.” This update will retain this behavior, but when a referral is manually expired, the "ReferralResult" value will not be inferred but, rather, pull from the Denied By Type value of the referral to determine if it is "2: Unsuccessful referral: client rejected" or "3: Unsuccessful referral: provider rejected."