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[HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export

Report Purpose and Summary

This report is used for exporting data from the Clarity system according to HMIS CSV/XML Format Specifications.

Running the Report

Report Location

This report is found in the HUD Reports section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

Anyone can run the report, but the returned information will be limited based on the user's access rights.




Switch Access Agency(-ies)

This option allow a user to generate the report for programs from multiple agencies. Some ESG grants require this capability. The ability is dependent on the access rights of the user. In other words, the user must have access to more than one agency.

The list of agencies will include the user's primary or home agency, followed by other agencies to which the user has access.

CoC Filter Category

There are four levels of CoC filtering available. Only one option may be selected for each report:

  • Agencies in CoC - The report will only pull from Agencies with the selected CoC 
  • Agencies with Programs in CoC - The report will only pull from Programs/Projects with the selected CoC
  • Agencies with Sites in CoC - The report will only pull from Sites with the selected CoC
  • Agencies with Bed Inventory in CoC - The report will only pull from Bed Inventories with the selected CoC.
    • Be aware, choosing this option will limit to only those projects with Bed Inventories


Choose which CoC(s) to include

Program Type(s)

Choose which program type(s) to include

Program Status

All Programs, Active Programs or Inactive Programs 


Choose which program(s) to include

Apply Client Location Filter

The Client Location Filter defaults to 'No'. If 'Yes', the data export will exclude client project stays that do not align with the Client Location CoC Code(s) and the selected CoC(s).
NOTE: Client Location applies only for valid Head of Households.

PIT Date

The PIT Date field is a new, optional parameter within this report. This date field refers to the date of the annual PIT Count. Utilize this field when running the export to upload HIC data to HDX 1.0. This should be the CoC determined point-in-time date, during the last ten days of January of the reporting year.

Report Date Range

Choose the date range of enrollments to include


Reflects the HUD CSV specification version used to generate the report

Source Type

Allows the user to identify what type of Clarity source data is being exported and described in the Export.csv file. Options include Continuum-Operated HMIS, an Agency-Specific Database, a Data Warehouse, or Other.  

Note that an HMIS implementation operated jointly by more than one continuum should be identified as a data warehouse.

Encrypt Identifying Data

If 'Yes', the SHA-256 hash algorithm will be applied and client's First Name, Middle Name, Last Name fields will be replaced with a 64-character alphanumeric string, and SSN field will be replaced with a 68-character alphanumeric string. 

Include Deleted Data

If ‘Yes', the export process includes deleted Clarity records in the client’s exported data.

Include Service Item ID

If 'Yes', the data export will include ServiceItemID and ServiceEndDate within the Services.csv file.

Include Assessment Screen ID

If 'Yes', the data export will include ScreenID and ScreenName within the Assessment.csv file.

Include Custom Services

If 'Yes', the data export will include services that do not belong to specific HUD service categories. These records are still linked to programs, however will not include a record type or type provided per the HUD Data Standards.

Report Output Format

The user can choose to export data in CSV or XML format that then will be placed in a ZIP-archive. 

Additional Administrator Parameters



Agency Filter Category

See CoC Filter Category above

Agency Status

All, Active, Inactive


Choose which agencies to include

Report Details

Specific information about Exporting Data can be found in Data Integration and Migration section: HMIS CSV / XML Program Data Export


Corresponding versions of the specifications can be found here: Housing and Urban Development: Homelessness Data Exchange

Updated: 10/18/2021