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APR, ESG-CAPER and HMIS Data Quality Report FAQ

The following are some commonly asked questions about APR, ESG-CAPER and HMIS Data Quality Reports. This section will be updated as questions are raised.

Annual Assessment Selection

One of the most challenging aspects of the APR/CAPER is understanding how Annual Assessments are chosen to be included in the report. The following diagram shows the current decision logic:

Housing Move-in Date Selection Updated Logic

The following flowchart details out how the Housing Move-in Date is now used throughout HUD reporting.

Sage Validation Error - Q16 & Q18 not validating with Q5

Occasionally a Validation Error may occur during the Sage upload.

The likely cause of this problem is a household that does not have a head of household defined. ([Relationship to Head of Household] = Self) To identify the problem households, please refer to the article about running the HUD Data Quality report. Also, refer to the  Sage Upload- ESG-CAPER and APR article for guidance on preparing to submit the APR and ESG-CAPER reports. 

Helpful Resources

Have a question about the HUD specifications or the regulations applicable to your specific circumstance? Click here to seek official guidance from HUD.

Updated 2/18/2021