Additional Service Item Settings



Once a service item has been recorded and saved, it can be edited by accessing it from the HISTORY tab within the client record. In addition to information recorded when the service item was created, there are settings here that are only available by accessing the service item from the HISTORY tab.


  • These additional settings are only available when editing the service item.
  • The ability to edit services must be enabled in the staff member’s Access Role settings. For more information about Access Role settings, see the Access Roles series of articles.  

Expiry Warning

When Expiry Warning is enabled, Clarity Human Services will send an automated email to the selected staff member at the selected time before the end date of a service item. Once this setting is toggled on, you will be the default staff member and the default notification time will be 5 days. This can be changed by selecting the appropriate options from each picklist (all staff members in your agency will be available in the staff picklist). 

Authorization Lock

Toggling on the Authorization Lock prevents the service item from being edited by any staff members who do not have Edit Agency Services Authorization Lock enabled in their Access Role settings. Once toggled on, a date field will display, which will default to today’s date. This is intended to record and display the date the service item was locked.


Toggling on Private will make the service item only visible to staff members at your agency (for more information on private data, see Making Client Data Private). 

Unlink a Program from a Service

When a service item is linked to a Program enrollment, a record for the linked Program will appear in the PROGRAMS section. You can unlink the service item from the enrollment by hovering over the program and clicking the trashcan icon. 

Additional Expenses Options

Additional expense configuration settings are available when you edit a service item. To access these settings, either hover over the existing expense item or click ADD EXPENSE.


From MODIFY/ADD EXPENSE, you can associate a check number, notes, and vendor with the service item.

You can also associate multiple expenses with a service item by clicking ADD EXPENSE. The sum of all expense item amounts will appear in the EXPENSES header. 

Group Options

When a service item includes household members, this will display under Group Options. Clicking the link icon beside a household member’s name will take you to the service item within the household member's client record.

From Group Options, you can update the start and end date of the service item for each household member. 

Note: Service item start and end date information is maintained independently for each household member. Changing this information under HISTORY: EDIT will only make the change in the client record from which the change is made. To update this information for additional household members, either edit directly from each record or under Group Options.