System Settings

Working with IP Whitelists


When “IP Whitelist” is the selected Authentication Policy for your system, you’ll need to configure which IP addresses are allowed to access your site. This can be configured at the agency or system level. 

Global IP Whitelist

Globally whitelisting an IP address allows users at any agency to access Clarity Human Services from a specified IP address.

To add an IP address to the Global IP Whitelist, click the launchpad and navigate to SETUP > SETTINGS > Advanced Options > Global IP Whitelist.



For Agency, select “All Agencies.” Enter the IP address that will be accessing the system and click SAVE CHANGES (to find your IP address, visit or type “what’s my IP address?” into a search engine).

Agency IP Whitelist

An IP address can be whitelisted for a specific agency, meaning only users at that agency will be able to access the system from a specified IP address. 

An IP address can be whitelisted for an agency two ways:

  • Following the same steps as globally whitelisting an IP address, instead of selecting an individual agency in the Agency field
  • Within the SHARING tab in Agency Management, click IP Whitelist under Advanced Settings and add the IP address.