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VA: SSVF Services & Programs

This article describes the two available methods for configuring VA: SSVF Programs and Services/Service Items.


Steps to Complete Before Creating SSVF Programs

Before proceeding with the following steps, please review our How to Set Up a Program: Detailed Instructions article.

Complete the following items before creating the SSVF Program itself:

  • Create the Program Template.
  • Create the  VA: SSVF screens for the current year and upload them to the new Program Template.
  • Create the "VA: Supportive Services for Veteran Families" Funding Source

Options for Creating Programs and Services

You may either of the following two processes when creating the SSVF Programs and Services/Service Items. In this article, we will outline an example of each method:

  • Process One: Create the Program (MANAGE > PROGRAMS), create the Service (MANAGE > SERVICES), then link the services to the Program using the steps we will discuss below.
  • Process Two: Use the program provisioning template (SETUP > TEMPLATES > Program Templates). This process is a great time saver because you only have to set up the Service once, which is helpful if you have multiple agency SSVF programs. 

Required Service and Service Items

SSVF has specific Service and Service Item requirements. As a System Administrator or agency manager, you are responsible for setting Clarity's Services/Service Items for correct reporting.

Note: Some SSVF Services have multiple Service Items; for example, as seen in the table below, "Assistance obtaining VA Benefits" has four Service Items listed.

As we work through an example of each of the two processes, refer to this list of required SSVF Service/Service Items:

Service Name Service Item 
SSVF Financial Services

Rental assistance

Utility fee payment assistance

Security deposit

Moving costs

Transportation services: tokens/vouchers

Transportation services: vehicle repair/ maintenance

Child care

General housing stability assistance

Emergency housing assistance

Shallow subsidy financial assistance

Food assistance

Landlord incentive

Tenant incentive

Outreach services (SSVF) Outreach
Case management services Case Management
Assistance obtaining VA benefits

VA vocational and rehabilitation counseling

Employment and training services

Educational assistance

Health care services

Assistance obtaining/coordinating other public benefits

Health care services

Daily living services

Personal financial planning services

Transportation services

Income support services

Fiduciary and representative payee services

Legal services - child support

Legal services - eviction prevention

Legal services - outstanding fines and penalties

Legal services -restore/acquire driver's license

Legal services - other

Child care

Housing counseling

Direct provision of other public benefits

Personal financial planning services

Transportation services

Income support services

Fiduciary and representative payee services

Legal services - child support

Legal services - eviction prevention

Legal services - outstanding fines and penalties

Legal services -restore/acquire driver's license

Legal services - other

Child care

Housing counseling

Other (non-TFA) supportive service approved by VA Other
Shallow Subsidy  Shallow Subsidy
Returning Home  Returning Home
Rapid Resolution Rapid Resolution

Note: Financial Assistance service(s) allows payments made by the project on behalf of or for the client's benefit to be entered when provided to the client. Unless the financial assistance provided was for a particular benefit (Service Item) of a single household member, the financial assistance payments should be made to the Head of Household.

Based on your funding options, you can set up other services available through the SSVF program/benefits for your Program. Refer to Introduction to Services.

GPD and HCHV-funded programs may use a portion of the SSVF services; we encourage you to review the VA Data Guide.

Creating Programs and Services: Process One

Now that you are ready to set up the SSVF Programs Homeless Prevention (HP) and SSVF Rapid Re-housing (RRH) Programs, click on the launchpad and select MANAGE > PROGRAMS.

Click ADD NEW PROGRAM and begin to enter the correct information for the program type.  


In our example, we are creating the SSVF Housing Prevention (HP) Program. Make the selections listed below, then click ADD RECORD.

Program Name = SSVF HP or Housing Prevention Program (your CoC determines this)

Alias Field = If needed

Program Description = As applicable

Program Template = current SSVF program/screen template (created prior to program setup process)

Operating Start = Required

Operating End = Not required at setup

Status = Automatically defaults to active

After completion of the required fields, the screen will prompt for additional information.

Funding = VA: Support Services for Veteran and Family (created before program setup)

Program Applicability = same as Program Type

Program Type = (in this case) Homeless Prevention

Continuum Project = Yes

Target Population = Not Applicable

Geocode = (your area’s code)

Continuum of Care = (your CoC)

Public Listing = (usually = none) 

The other toggle program features are toggled based on the data collection needed at the Program level. The only one that we highly recommend toggling on is Enrollment Age Warning; keep the threshold at "17 Years (Default)."

Creating SSVF Services

To create a new Service, click on MANAGE > SERVICES, then click ADD NEW SERVICE.


Enter the following in the CREATE A NEW SERVICE section, then click SAVE CHANGES.

Service Title = Name

Category = VA SSVF Services

Site = Single site Single building (in most cases)

Site Type = Non Residential: Services only (in most cases)

Once you save the Service, the header changes to SERVICES: DETAIL. 

Creating SSVF Service Items

To begin creating a Service Item, scroll down to the SERVICE ITEMS section of the SERVICES: DETAIL page and click ADD ITEM.


Begin entering the details in the SERVICES: ITEM DETAIL screen. Tip: if you start by selecting the Category field, the selection you choose will auto-fill the Item Title field.

Note: You can add the Item Title field manually as well.

Note: For service items configured as "Other (non-TFA) supportive service approved by VA" for the Category field, the staff member who records the service item transaction in a client record will be required to enter a description of the service item via a required "Other - Specify" text field.

Complete the remaining necessary fields, e.g., Delivery Type, Group Placement Option, Start Availability, End Availability (if applicable), and Geocode

Note: When creating custom SSVF Financial Assistance service items, be sure to select a Delivery Type of “Long Term” so that users can enter an End Date per the Data Standards. The system VA: SSVF program template is already configured for “Long Term” delivery.

Connecting the Services and Service Items to the Program

When creating the SSVF Program(s), you must also connect the Service(s) to the Program(s). For each SSVF Service that you create, scroll down to the PROGRAM OPTIONS section of the SERVICES: DETAIL page and complete the following:

  1. Set Program Usage to "Programs Only" (enrollment is required for SSVF).
  2. Find the applicable program(s) in the PROGRAM OPTIONS section and toggle them on.

The Services and Service Items will then be linked to the program(s) you selected. 

Creating Program and Services: Process Two

The other option for configuring SSVF Programs and Services is to enable Automated Provisioning in the Program Template. Automated Provisioning allows Services to be provided to the Programs automatically through the Template so that you don't have to create the services for each individual Program.

To create a program, automated provisioning template, navigate to SETUP > TEMPLATES > Program Templates > click CREATE A NEW PROGRAM TEMPLATE.


Enter the Program Name, then select the Program Screen, Enrollment Screen, Case Status Screen, and Exit Screen (be sure to select the current year's screens). Select "Enabled" for Automated Provisioning.


With Automated Provisioning enabled, you can now scroll down to the SERVICES section of the Program Template and click ADD NEW SERVICE.


While still in the Program Template, enter the details in the ADD NEW SERVICE section. 


Next, create the applicable Service Item(s) by clicking ADD NEW ITEM.


Now that you have created the SSVF Program Template and added the required SSVF Services and Service Items to the Template, the next step is to create the program(s) in MANAGE > PROGRAMS. Select the SSVF Template from the Program Template drop-down menu.


No matter which setup method you use (Process One or Process Two), the required SSVF Services will be linked to the SSVF Programs when you complete the process.  

Updated: 02/13/2024