Merging Records

The Program Merge and Program Move Tools


The Program Merge Tool 

The Program Merge tool is designed to combine the program enrollments of household members who were enrolled separately by mistake. You can use it to merge enrollments regardless of whether the enrollments have different start dates. You can also use it if some or all of the household members are no longer enrolled in the program.

Click the Launchpad and click MERGE. You should see two tabs: CLIENTS and PROGRAMS. Click PROGRAMS. Stay on the Merge sub-tab. 


Select the program name from the drop-down menu and then search for the client's name in the search box.


A list of clients with enrollments in the chosen program will display. Click the icon next to each name to expand the client's section and display program start and end dates.

Click the icon on the left of each applicable household member to move them to the Client Program Merge Queue.


If you selected a client in error, remove them by clicking the trash can icon next to their name. After you place all household members into the Client Program Merge Queue, click Merge.

You can verify the merge by opening the program enrollment in any of the household member’s records and viewing Program Group Members. You will also notice the Program Type changed from "Individual" to "Group" if enrollment was previously for an individual.

The Program Move Tool

The Program Move tool is mainly used when a client has been enrolled in an incorrect program and/or if a program is no longer active and clients need to be moved to a new program. 

For the program enrollment move to be successful, both the current program and new program must meet the following criteria:

  • Agencies must be within the same CoC
  • Programs must be assigned the same Program Template

 Click the PROGRAMS tab and then the Move tab.


Enter the client name in the Search bar, select the correct client with the program enrollment that needs to be moved, then click the icon. The client's program history will appear.

From the list of programs enrollments under the client name, scroll to find the enrollment that is to be moved and click the arrow to the left of the program name.


After clicking the icon to the left, a pop-up will appear to select the receiving program. Toggle Move Group Members on if you are also moving group (household) member enrollments. Click MOVE and OK to complete the move.


To verify the move has been successful, go to the SEARCH tab at the top right and search for the client under the recipient agency. In the client's profile, click the PROGRAMS tab and verify that the new program appears in the program history list.