System Settings

System Variables: Score Ranges


When a user narrows the search results on the global REFERRALS tab by selecting an assessment in the Mode field, the system displays a Score Range field. This field allows the user to search for clients whose score for the selected assessment is within a specific range.

Note: Assessment scores are based on points added through Assessment Processors

For example, consider a Sample Assessment where the recommendations for referring a client to a Program are based on the following score ranges:

  • Score of 1-3 = Denied
  • Score of 4-6 = Waitlisted
  • Score of 7-10 = Accepted

A system administrator can configure the Score Range field to display these ranges as shown below.

A user can filter the search results according to any one of the Score Ranges or can select the default option of “-- All Ranges -- ” to display all of the assessment’s referrals, regardless of the score. (If no Score Ranges are configured, “-- All Ranges -- ” will be the only option available.)

To configure Score Ranges, navigate to SETUP > SETTINGS > Advanced Options > System Variables and click the Score Ranges tab.

A list of the assessments that have been set up in the system will be displayed. Click the Edit icon for the appropriate assessment. 

A screen appears with columns for entering a score range and a description. The From and To columns are populated with a default value of “99.”

Fill in the first row of Score Ranges. In our example, the first Score Range was “1-3 = Denied,” so we would enter “1” in the From column, “3” in the To column, and “Denied” in the Description column.


After filling in the first row, click + add row to add the next row. 

Fill in the scores and description for that row. Repeat the process until you have entered all Score Ranges for the assessment.

To delete a row you have already entered, click the minus sign next to that row.


Note: Do not edit Score Ranges for assessments associated with federal standards.