Accessing Clarity Human Services

Staff Member Account Settings


Staff member records are first created by administrators at the agency level. Certain components of those records (password, contact information, etc.) can later be updated by staff members in Account Settings. Additionally, some settings (profile image, Home Screen Override, Recent Services) are exclusively administered in Account Settings.

Accessing Account Settings

To access Account Settings, click on the staff member icon in the upper right-hand corner and click ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

staff settings 1

Adding a Custom Image

The default staff member image is based on the user's initials. Alternatively, you can upload a custom image by hovering over the current image and clicking UPLOAD PROFILE PHOTO.  

staff settings 2

Once you've selected a local file, you'll be able to define the area of the image you'd like to display.


Reverting Back to Staff Initials

To revert your photo back to the default staff initials,  click REGENERATE MY INITIALS. This will also update your initials if your name has been changed.

View/Edit Account Settings

In the MY INFO section, you can modify certain fields.

staff settings 4

For more information about settings managed both at the Account Settings and Staff administration level, see Staff Member Administration


Home Screen Override

The Home Screen Override setting allows a staff member account to be set up with a custom login screen. Based on the selection, the staff member login screen will default to:


Recent Services

The Recent Services section of the client record can be hidden or shown by selecting "Hide" or "Show."