Service Item Options: Funding


Funding Options allows financial information to be associated with a Service Item

By default, Automatically Charge will be set to "Do Not Charge." To configure funding options, select either "No Funding Source" or one of the available Funding Sources from the drop-down menu (Funding Sources are created and maintained in the Funding section of Agency Management). 


Additional configuration options will display.


There are three additional funding options:

Default Amount: the default amount to be associated with each occurrence of the service item

Expense Type:

  • Individual: the funding information will be recorded only to the household member's client record where the service item is recorded 
  • Group: the funding information will be recorded to all selected household members' client records

Adjustable: allows the user to adjust the expense amount of the service item

Service items with funding options configured will display additional funding options fields in the service item in the client record.