HUD and Federal Partner Reports

RHY and SSVF Reporting - [HUDX-111]

Programming Specifications

For both RHY (Runaway and Homeless Youth) and SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families), the same report for general exporting of data is used. This is commonly known as "[HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export." The specifications for this can be found on the HMIS Data Exchange Resources portal.


The export is simply a series of CSV formatted tables that are zipped together and uploaded to the RHY or SSVF repositories. Within the zip file there will be the following tables:

  • Export File
    • Export.csv
  • Project Descriptor Files
    • Organization.csv
    • User.csv
    • Project.csv
    • Funder.csv
    • ProjectCoC.csv
    • Inventory.csv
    • Affiliation.csv
  • Client File
    • Client.csv
  • Enrollment Files
    • Enrollment.csv
    • EnrollmentCoC.csv
    • Exit.csv
    • IncomeBenefits.csv
    • HealthAndDV.csv
    • EmploymentEducation.csv
    • Disabilities.csv
    • Services.csv
    • CurrentLivingSituation.csv
    • Assessment.csv
    • AssessmentQuestions.csv
    • AssessmentResults.csv
    • Event.csv
    • YouthEducationStatus.csv

It is critical that the contents of the zip file ARE NOT CHANGED. If the contents are changed, likely there will be a problem with uploading the file to the repository. The name of the zip file can be changed, but nothing else.

Running the Report

Bed and Unit Inventory Feature

For customers using the new Bed and Unit Inventory features of Clarity Human Services, please be sure to toggle on:


Grantees are recommended to run the [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report in preparation for running the RHY or SSVF export. This report will identify data quality problems which can be repaired prior to running the export.

This report is found in the HUD Reports section of the Clarity Human Services Report Library.

RHY and SSVF Reporting 

  1. From the SSVF (or RHY) agency, navigate  to Report Library, HUD Reports
  2. Run the [HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export
  3. Review the parameters and descriptions below for additional guidance. 
Parameter Description
Switch Access Agency(-ies) Select the appropriate agency
CoC Filter Category Select Agency CoC
CoC(s) Select the appropriate CoC
Program Type(s) Select the appropriate program type(s)
Program Status Select “Active”
Program(s) Select the appropriate program(s)
Apply Client Location Filter

The Client Location Filter defaults to 'No'. Selecting 'Yes' will exclude client project stays that do not align with the Client Location CoC Code(s) and the selected CoC(s).
NOTE: Client Location applies only for valid Head of Households.
PIT Date Optional - leave blank
Report Date Range Select the appropriate date range 
Version Auto-populated field that reflects the HUD CSV specification version used to generate the report
Source Type Select “Continuum-operated HMIS”
Encrypt Identifying Data

For SSVF: Select No 

For RHY: Select Yes 

Include Deleted Data Select No
Include Service Item ID Select No
Include Assessment Screen ID Select No
Include Custom Services Select No
Report Output Format Select CSV format

The only difference for RHY concerns encryption. Encrypt Identifying Data must be Yes.

The report will be downloaded to the local machine.

Contact the grantor for information about uploading the export to the appropriate repository.

Updated 10/19/2021