Administrator Reports

[RFRL-150-AD] Community Queue Query

Report Purpose & Summary

This report generates a list of clients on Community Queues. The client lists generated by this report will correspond to the ones displayed on the Community Queue tab under SEARCH > REFERRALS.

Running the Report

Report Location

The report is found in the Administrator section of the Report Library.

Who Can Run the Report

System Administrators and others with the appropriate access level can run the report.


CoC Select the CoC.

The list is based on the selected CoC.

Choose which Queue(s) to include: 

All, Single Select, or Multi-Select (Hold Control/Command or Hold Shift to select multiple options sequentially.)

Report Output Format Excel

Report Details

The report provides the following details, grouped by the selected Community Queue(s):

  • Unique ID

  • Client Full Name

  • DOB

  • SSN

  • VI-SPDAT Score

  • Date Added to the Queue

  • Last Check-in

  • Possible Chronic

  • Has Income

    • This column indicates whether VI-SPDAT Socialization Q15 (vi_spdat_q15) ="Yes." 


Published: 01/12/2024