Community and Referrals

[RFRL-103] Referral Statistics - Inbound


Type of Report

This is a referral-based report in which referrals were:

  • created within the reporting period or where any of the following activities were recorded during the reporting period:
    • Pending
    • Pending - In Process
    • Denied
    • Expired
    • Completed
  • created or changed status to Pending or Pending - In Process before the report start date and did not change status during the reporting period


To provide aggregate counts of referrals, broken out by different statuses. In contrast to the Outbound report, this version reports on referrals that were referred to the agency running the report.

Running the Report

Who Can Run the Report

All users can run the report. There are restrictions for which information can be accessed based on the rights of the user.

Report Location

This report can be found in the following locations in the Report Library:

  • Community and Referrals  → [RFRL-103] Referral Statistics - Inbound
  • Administrator Reports → [RFRL-103-AD] Referral Statistics - Inbound


The following parameters are required to run this report:

Report Date Range The date a referral was created or changed status
Report Output Format Web Page, PDF, or Excel

Additional Admin Report Parameters

CoC Choose which CoC to run the report



  • Includes referrals, that have not been deleted, AND
  • (created under the current agency for a program of the current agency OR referred to a program of the current agency from another agency) AND
  • (created within the report date range OR
  • have any of the following activities: Pending, Pending - In Process, Denied, Expired, Completed - during the reporting period OR
  • created/changed status to Pending, Pending - In Process before the report start and did not change during the reporting period)

Report Will Include:

All referrals, differentiated in the report tables and drilldowns according to their Referral Type:


  • [# of days] - is calculated as the difference between [last date] and [first date]
    • [first date] is:
      • for Direct Referrals - [referral date], the date the referral was created
      • for Referral from Community Queue - [reassigned date], the date the referral was reassigned to the program/unit from the Community Queue
    • [last date] is:
      • For statuses "Pending" and "Pending - In Process" - [report end date]
      • For status "Completed" - [enroll date], the date referral was enrolled to the program
        • NOTE: If Referral Connection was added, the [enroll date] can be earlier than the referral's created date [referral date]
          • In this case, [# of days] will be negative
      • For statuses "Denied" and "Expired" - [end date], the date referral changed status to "Denied" or "Expired"

Report Will Exclude

  1. Removed from Community Queue
  2. Automatically Expired via Inactive Referral Expiration Threshold from Community Queue

Report Tables

rfrl 103

Drilldown Functionality

Drilldown functionality is available for this report.

Click on any count  within the report table to see:
    • Referral Date
    • Unique Identifier
    • Client Name
    • Program Name
      • Program Name
      • Community Queue Name  (if applicable)
      • Unit/Bed Information (if applicable)
      • From agency (referring agency)
      • To agency (referred agency)
    • Days Pending
    • Referral Type (Direct Program, Direct Unit, CQ - Program, CQ - Unit, or Unit Queue) 
    • Total Referrals & Referral Type Subtotals

Unique ID fields contain links to the Client Profile Screen.

Updated: 02/20/2024