Sample Looks

Reservation Utilization Chart

How to create a visualization that displays the utilization of reservations.


  1. Explore - Reservations Model
  2. Fields
    Add the following to the Look:
  • Status (Reservations)
  • Count (Reservation Slots)
  1. Filters
    Change the default filter, Reservation Slots Date to: Is in the past - "1 quarters"
    Add additional filters as appropriate
    • Agency Name
    • Reservation Slot Section
    • Service or Service Item Name
  2. Run

In the Visualization pane,

  1. Change to Pie Chart
  2. Click on gear to open the Edit panel
  3. Make the following adjustments (recommendations only)
    • Plot tab
      • Value Labels - Labels
      • Label Type - Percent
      • Inner Radius - 60
    • Series tab
      • Adjust colors if desired
      • Customizations
        Change the Null label to "No Reservations"

To add a title, add the Look to a dashboard. A dashboard can be a single Look.