Sample Looks

Reservation Status Chart

This article describes the steps to create a Look that summarizes the Status for Reservations.

1. Explore - Reservations Model
2. Fields
Add the following fields to the Look:
Reservation Section (Reservation Slots)
Reservation Slot (Reservation Slots)
Status (Styled) (Reservations)
Pivot on Date (Reservations)
3. Filters
Add the following fields to the Look:
Added by default: Reservation Slots Date - Adjust days as needed
Date (Reservations) is not NULL
Agency Name (Agencies)
Name (Services) or Reservation Section (Reservation Slots) - As needed
4. Run

The Visualization can be modified to give a cleaner Look.

1. Open the Visualization pane
2. Click on  to open the Edit panel

3. Suggested changes:

    • Plot tab
      • Table Theme - review options
      • Off - Show Row Numbers
    • Series tab
      • Write shorter labels in the Customizations section
        • Reservation Slots Section = Section
        • Reservation Slots Reservation Slots = Bed
        • Reservations Status = Bed Status
        • Reservations Date = Reservation Date