Pentaho Release Notes - Previous Years

Release Notes - November 2020

LSA Status

Communities should now be receiving flag error files for their LSA submission. 

  • Bitfocus is actively working with HUD TA to resolve open "Flags - HMIS Vendor"
    • Please notify Bitfocus, via the Help Desk, if you find a Vendor Flag that is not referenced on the "crowdsourced" spreadsheet linked below
  • Flag 26, Invalid Geocodes, is listed under "Flags - HMIS Vendor" but should be corrected by the customer
    • Likely, these are Geocodes that are missing a leading zero
  • Customers should work to resolve "Flags - CoC" using the information included in the flag file
    • In the event the flag is unable to be resolved, then a Help Center ticket can be created with Bitfocus

A "crowdsourced" spreadsheet is available for sharing ideas on resolving flags as well as learning latest status on Flags that need to be resolved by HUD or Bitfocus. The file is available here.

Additional available LSA resources:

Other Updates

The following reports were recently updated

  • [HUDX-224] Path Annual Report - Updated 12/07/2020
    • Version 3.4 is now available
      • Until 12/1/2020 it is necessary to include the version number in the report title when it is submitted to HUD
      • Once all vendors have moved to version 3.4, the version number will be removed
    • Due to a miscommunication between HUD and Bitfocus, the following has now been removed as criteria for the report
      • [Removed] Please note: In order to meet the full PATH specifications, it is necessary to now require all clients included in the report to have a Mental Health Disability at enrollment in the program
        • [Removed] This has always been a requirement of the PATH program
        • [Removed] Now it is required in the reporting specifications
    • For more information, please review the article [HUDX-224] PATH Annual Report
  • [GNRL-220] Program Details Report
    • Screen Type is now a multi-select prompt
  • [EXIT-101] Potential Exits
    • Assigned Staff added as a column
    • Enroll Type added as a column
      • Family
      • Individual
  • [GNRL-405] CE Assessing Staff Report
    • Assessment Score will be empty if the Display Score option is turned off in the prompt selection 
  • [DQXX-102] Program Data Review
    • Report will now be found in the Data Quality section of the Report Library
  • [DQXX-121] Project Start Date > Project Exit Date
    • Report will now be found in the Data Quality section of the Report Library
  • [GNRL-242] Client Project Stay Issues
    • Report will now be found in the Data Quality section of the Report Library