Sample Looks

Project Descriptor: Additional Project Information

To create a Look to review the required project descriptor elements, do the following in Looker:

1. Explore>Project Descriptor Model
2. Add Filters:

    • Program Active=Active (Programs folder)
    • Project Type Code=      (Programs)
      • Emergency Shelter
      • PH - Housing Only
      • PH - Housing Services (no disability...
      • PH - Permanent Supportive Housing (disability...
      • PH - Rapid Re-Housing
      • Transitional Housing
      • Safe Haven
3. Add the following dimensions to the Look:
    • Agency Name (Agencies)
    • Name (Programs)
    • Target Population (Programs)
    • Victim Service Provider (Programs)
    • Housing Type (Programs)
    • ID (Program Sites)
    • Name (Program Sites)
    • Information Date (Program Sites) 
      • [Information Date] < [Report End Date]
    • Address (Program Sites)
    • City (Program Sites)
    • State (Program Sites)
    • Zip (Program Sites)
      • Verify the zip code is correct for the project site
    • Geocode (Program Sites)
    • Geography Type (Program Sites)
      • If Geography Type is "Data not collected," correct the zip code

4. As needed, change the Row Limit to 5000 

5. Run
6. Save the Look

Your Look should be something like this: