Program Setup: Charts


Program Charts, like Measures, allow longitudinal tracking of assessment data. Unlike Measures, however, Program Charts are exclusively tied to data within an enrollment. Program Charts are configured at the program level

To set up a Program Chart, first ensure you are switched into the correct agency. Click the Launchpad and navigate to MANAGE > PROGRAMS. Click the edit icon next to the program where you would like to add a Program Chart.


This takes you to the MODIFY PROGRAM page. First, toggle on Program Charts


Click SAVE CHANGES. The CHART FIELDS section now displays. Click ADD FIELD.


A pop-up screen appears listing the fields included in the Enrollment Screen assigned to the Program (defined by the Program Template ). 


Fields can be added one at a time.

Note: Because Program Charts display change over time from Enrollment to Status Assessment, fields included in both program-assigned screens should be selected. 


The selected fields now display data from the enrollment and each status assessment in the program enrollment Chart tab. For more information, see How Do I Work with Program Charts?

Note: Program Charts can also be set up at the Program Template level